The Best Uses of Chris Brown Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Chris Brown Songs in Movies or TV

If you’re looking for more dirt to heap on Brown’s career due to the incident with Rihanna this is the wrong site, but acknowledging that it happened is in fact true enough and more than enough to remind people of why he’s had difficulties in the last several years when it comes to how people think of him. That being said, Chris Brown has been exposed to music since he was a young child and cites such people as Michael Jackson and even Usher as his influences when it came to singing and to dancing. His mother, recognizing or at least hoping that she recognized the talent he had, started looking for record deals when he was still a young kid, and thankfully they paid off since his voice is pretty amazing and he does have a lot of moves that make him quite talented. Whatever else can be said of his career is best left to gossip columns, since he does have an incredible amount of ability that needs to be recognized before or along with whatever legal troubles he’s had.

Here are some of his songs as featured in movies and TV.

5. Blackish – Put Some Uvo On It

A lot of this show is about the father figure, played by Anthony Anderson, trying to pass his African American culture on to his kids, who are somehow uninterested and kind of lackadaisical about the whole idea. This show kind of highlights how people are slowly losing their sense of culture as assimilation in this country continues to take place, but it also shows just how some people are trying so hard to hold onto that sense of identity. In many ways it’s important to hold onto the various cultures that have helped to make the US a diverse and interesting place to live throughout the years.

4. Lip Sync Battle – Run It

As much as Chris was inspired by others to create his own music and moves he’s been just as much of an inspiration to others in being able to do what they want and at least try to copy his skills and talent. It’s not bound to happen in the same manner but at the very least people are entertained and in awe of his success and want to emulate his act on stage as they go on to try and show what they’ve got in relation to his songs. Whatever else you can say about the man, and there’s much that’s good as well as bad, he does have a lot of skill on the mic and he has managed to entertain a legion of fans.

3. Joyful Noise – Forever

He wrote the song for this piece and didn’t perform it, but you can hear his style in the words as Dolly Parton busts out each note. The whole movie is centered around the choir that is so important to its town as they are contenders for a national competition. Unfortunately when the choir director of the church passes away his widow and the successor to the position begin to quarrel with disastrous results as they each try to take control of the choir. By the time the competition has come around however they patch things up and manage to move forward as they go on to win the competition.

2. GMA – Yeah 3x

One good thing you can say about Brown is that he does put on a great show for his fans and is fully appreciated by those that still stand beside him. His act on stage is something that no one can really dispute since it seems to be where everything is forgotten for a matter of minutes and he’s allowed to just be himself as the music comes pouring out of him. He is still performing and his career has been moving forward for a while now, his songs still capturing the attention of many upon many fans as he continues to entertain whoever will listen. The one thing about the public is that a lot of us either have short memories or don’t combine a person’s actions with their talent.

1. Step Up – Say Goodbye

From vandalizing a school to being selected as a dance partner, Channing Tatum is the kind of guy that seems able to do a little bit of everything at times. From this movie he kind of got the reputation of being an expert dancer, and it was well-deserved since he did show a good number of moves, some of which are hard to believe were his. But being what it is, the movie was something that kind of introduced him to a large audience and really helped to keep his career as an established success that allowed him to continue forward and become the star he is.

Say what you want about Chris Brown, a lot of people do, but the guy does have a lot of talent.Rihanna

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