The Best and Worst Kim Wexler Theories on Better Call Saul

As of this writing, Better Call Saul is about to air the mid-season finale of the first part of its sixth and final season. There will be six remaining episodes once the series returns in July 2022. And at this point, the theories surrounding what happened to Kim Wexler are reaching a fever pitch. Since the start of this equally iconic prequel to the astounding Breaking Bad back in 2015, fan theories have been circulating for the better part of seven years now. Since Better Call Saul is a prequel, we already know where most of the characters end up, except for the new characters presented in this series. Nacho Varga’s fate has already been shown, so that leaves Kim Wexler, and to a certain extent, Howard Hamlin as well. Oh, and Lalo, but Kim is by far the most theorized and hotly anticipated character fate of them all. Kim Wexler has always been one of the most interesting characters in this series, so what does eventually happen to her (she is never seen nor mentioned in Breaking Bad or El Camino) was always bound to be hotly debated. Some theories are plausible, while others are laughingly bad. So let’s break down the best and worst likely outcomes for Kim Wexler.

Best: Kim Meets With Ed the Disappearer

Ever since the fourth season of the series, which aired in 2018, I have always had a sneaking suspicion that Kim would find her way to Best Quality Vacuum’s expert disappearer, Ed Galbraith. Season four was when Kim truly started to break bad along with Jimmy (Saul), and this is when Kim’s outcome suspicion truly started to ramp up into high gear. It is a possible plot point when you think about it because, in some way and fashion, Ed’s entry into Breaking Bad and El Camino had to have some kind of backstory. Saul was the one to first mention Ed in the fourth season of Breaking Bad, which means his entry into the story would have to occur at some point in Better Call Saul. Finally, in season six, episode six “Axe and Grind,” we see Kim look at Ed’s card inside Caldera’s book of underground contacts for special jobs and circumstances for those in the game. Nothing more is mentioned of it, but since Kim is the one to notice and look at the card, and combined with this long-running, yet underrated theory, this is a perfect omen for how Ed finds his way into the story. Rather it is being exposed for her part in the scheme against Howard or possibly something else, Kim will likely get vanished by Ed to flee a doomed outcome.

Best: Kim Goes to Prison

If Kim doesn’t meet with Ed, another probable scenario, and a wholly plausible one at that, is that she winds up in prison. This would likely come from being exposed to her scam to destroy Howard’s career to advance the settlement of the Sandpiper Retirement Community money. The final scene of “Axe and Grind,” is not a good omen for Kim. Instead of advancing what she always wanted to do by helping the underprivileged with attorney representation, she quickly turns her car around and returns to ABQ once Saul tells her their scam is in jeopardy. She deliberately chose her criminal scam over a career-defining moment, and if the Breaking Bad universe has taught us anything, she will pay the consequences for this. It is certainly believable that Kim is thrown into prison for what she is doing to Howard, and this is why we do not see or hear about her in Breaking Bad.

Best: Kim Remains Behind the Scenes in Breaking Bad

Another intriguing and possible outcome is that somehow, Kim and Saul pull off the scam against Howard, get the Sandpiper money, survive any possible threats from Lalo and the Cartel at some point, and Kim is simply operating behind the scenes in Breaking Bad. We are already seeing how she is molding Jimmy into Saul Goodman more and more, and in fact, some of her schemes are far more insidious than anything Saul could ever come up with. This would also be an innovative technique to advance Saul and Kim’s storyline into Breaking Bad, and we will be able to see Saul’s private life with Kim which we never saw in Breaking Bad. It’s fascinating to contemplate, and if this is where the remaining episodes of Better Call Saul are going, hats off to an astonishing writing team. This would also answer the creator’s statements about how we will “never look at Breaking Bad the same way again.”

Worst: Kim=Wendy

Okay so this has recently been debunked in season six, episode 4, but it is so hilarious and unbelievably cringe that it has to be repeated. Kim Wexler did not later become Wendy, the meth-addicted, Crossroads Motel prostitute seen in Breaking Bad. I suppose the reasoning behind this was Kim cracks from the stress of her life for some reason and it leaves her ejected from the career world and ready to mainline her worries away at a seedy motel. Even before Wendy appeared in season six, there is nothing in Kim’s character or ambition, and her eventual turn to the dark side, that would indicate this.

Worst: Kim is Killed

Another long-running theory is that Kim is killed at some point. Maybe in the seasons 1-3 days, this was a valid theory, but unless Kim is somehow killed by Lalo or the Cartel (not likely), I do not see how this could realistically happen.

Worst: Kim Decides to Leave Saul

Could Kim decide to leave Saul once and for all? She could return to her life in Nebraska, start a new life somewhere, doing something, far and away from the insidious Saul Goodman/Jimmy McGill? No, this is not going to happen, and I am perfectly comfortable writing this. Kim is actually now worse than Saul, and she is 100% dedicated to destroying Howard and upending the system. She doesn’t leave.

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