Why You Should Check Out “The New Age of Terror” on the History Channel

Why You Should Check Out “The New Age of Terror” on the History Channel

Why You Should Check Out “The New Age of Terror” on the History Channel

From time to time, the History Channel lives up to its name by broadcasting documentaries that help interested individuals learn about what has happened in the past, thus contributing to their understanding of the present. Over the summer, it has broadcast a number of documentaries about serious matters with serious consequences for modern societies. The latest example is called The New Age of Terror, which was broadcast on August 20.

What Does The New Age of Terror Focus Upon?

Like its name suggests, The New Age of Terror refers to the period that started with September 11 on 2001 and continues to the present. As a result, the two-part documentary covers not just the United States’s hunt for those responsible for the death and destruction on U.S. soil but also how both terrorism and the efforts to combat terrorism have evolved since that time. In particular, The New Age of Terror seeks to help people understand how the current state of the world has come to be before providing interested individuals with answers about what can be expected as time continues to pass.

For people who are curious about why they should consider watching The New Age of Terror, it is important to note that September 11 was indeed an epochal event. Before it, there were a lot of people who believed that the Collapse of the Soviet Union had shown that the liberal democracies of the West were the final result of human socio-cultural evolution. There could still be refinements to the western socio-cultural model, but in time, there would be an inevitable sprouting of liberal democracies not just in the global west but also in other regions situated all around the world. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot fewer people who are willing to express those same sentiments in the present, having been soured by not just September 11 but also events such as the Iraq War, the Arab Spring, and the continuing Syrian Civil War. Summed up, The New Age of Terror can help interested individuals make more sense of the societal transition from that bright, optimistic view of the future to what has since replaced it, which was all the more confusing because it was so abrupt.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the second part of The New Age of Terror focuses on much more recent developments. As a result, it is also helpful for those who want to understand not just what is happening in Syria and its surrounding countries but also in countries all around the world. By providing people with information about how said events came to be as well as the numerous factors that are driving them, The New Age of Terror can help them understand current events, thus enabling them to react in a rational manner to what has been happening.

Where Can People See The New Age of Terror?

People who are interested in seeing The New Age of Terror should head on over to the History Channel’s website for further information. Furthermore, it can be found at other places as well, with an excellent example being the Apple Store and similar places where people can buy content over the Internet.

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