Is It Possible That Bobby Flay Quits the Food Network?

Is It Possible That Bobby Flay Quits the Food Network?

Is It Possible That Bobby Flay Quits the Food Network?

When you’re talking about the Food Network there are a few names that are bound to come up since they’re the legends that helped to put the channel back on the radar for a lot of people and are those that are normally considered to be the experts when it comes to just about anything with food. Bobby Flay is a name that many people know and revere since he’s one of the absolute best and is among those chefs that has proven that he’s one of the absolute elite. So why would he ever think of leaving the Food Network? There’s more to consider than people might think however since over the years Flay and the network have had a few ups and downs that a lot of folks don’t know about and might have tainted his relationship with the channel just a bit.

For those that watch Iron Chef and know as a result that for 17 years he’s been one of the top and most dominant chefs on the show it might be remembered that he announced his last show in a way that the network never approved and was more than a little controversial in the doing. Bobby actually wore a shirt saying that the current episode was his last Iron Chef battle ever, a statement that threw everyone for a loop, including the judges, and wasn’t that well-received by the network. They did what they could to blur the words on the shirt out, but the damage was already done at that point and many people were left flabbergasted since to see one of the best chefs in the world simply make a statement like this was something that no one could have possibly predicted.

Having been an Iron Chef for so long one might make the assumption that Flay had seen all he could see and done all he could do in his mind and it was time for a new challenge, but it’s definitely something that could have been handled bit differently. Among all the Iron Chefs it’s fair to say that he’s been one of the most revered since some folks don’t even know the names of others and even those that were popular when the show was just getting started and then made its way past a decade have been kind of left in the dust. Flay became the rock star so to speak and thus the guy that everyone looked to when it was time to really get down to business. To think that he harbored this kind of feeling for a while isn’t hard to believe, but it does seem as though he jumped the gun a bit.

When confronted about his choice to make such an announcement and in such a way that couldn’t help but be deemed controversial he had to backtrack a lot and explain that he wanted to leave on a high note and didn’t think the network would mind. Obviously he didn’t think it through all that well since the network was fuming by the time the show finally ended. But Flay still had a lot to say since he’d been wanting to quit the show for a little while due to the exhausting nature of the competition. If you think that cooking so many dishes in an hour isn’t exhausting then you’ve either never tried it or don’t have kids, since the energy required to maintain this kind of composure for 6 to 8 battles in a week as he described is something that many people might find trouble with over nearly two decades. At some point or another Bobby just got tired and wanted a break, and no one should be able to fault him for this. But still, announcing that he was leaving the show could have been done with just a little more tact it would seem, and the network could have been a little more understanding.

At this point however there’s no way that he’s going to be leaving since he’s already signed a three-year production deal with the network and he’s even said he’d be open to going back to Kitchen Stadium if his schedule allowed for it. No matter what feelings there are between Flay and the Food Network there’s still enough of a relationship there that he’s bound to be welcome for as long as he likes. After all he’s one of those that brings in the viewers since his style and his ability in the kitchen is something that people love to watch on the off chance that he could be beaten or just because he’s got the kind of charisma it takes to draw people in. Getting rid of that at this point would be kind of silly since it’s not just a lot of money he’d be letting go of, but a reputation that has made him one of the most famous people in the world.

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