Top Five Moments Of Season Two’s The Bear Trailer

Top Five Moments Of Season Two’s The Bear Trailer
Top Five Moments Of Season Two’s The Bear Trailer

One of the biggest surprises of 2022 will make its return later this month. FX’s new original series, The Bear, is a 30-minute comedy-drama about a young chef who returns home to take over as the new owner of The Original Beef of Chicagoland and transform it into a profitable business. The Bear turned out to be one of the best shows of the year, with the series garnering major nominations from the Writers Guild of America, Gotham Awards, and the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

When the series capped off last year, the situation at the shop turned over a new leaf when stacks of money were found buried within the store’s spaghetti sauce. The trailer directly picks up from the feel-good ending and gives a deep insight into the themes and topics Season two will address. The upcoming season looks great once again. Here are the top five moments of The Bear trailer:

The Bear Trailer Picks Up From Where Season 2 Ended

The kitchen team sat at a long table receiving a daily meeting

Carmy and his crew hit the lottery last season, and now they’re investing deeper into the business. The opening instantly piggybacks on the season finale by advancing the overarching theme of the upcoming season. It also gives hints on different plot points that will be explored in Season Two. Of course, viewers are going to expect the worst because there’s no way that this will be smooth sailing for Carmy, Sydney, and the rest of the cast and crew.

The constant alarm bells and drilling give away that message, but so does the conversation with Jimmy. It documents the struggles they’ll have to get through in the upcoming series and some underlying issues that remain present in the current season. It’s a subtle beginning but an excellent opening that thrusts you back into the world of The Original Beef of Chicagoland.

It’s Food, Food… And More Food

Actors Ayo Edebiri as “Sydney Adamu” |and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as “Richie”

The Bear has wonderfully blended the culinary world into a compelling television format. It allows the audience to get a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes and whets the appetite for the delectable meals to come. The moment with Sydney and Carmy cooking in the kitchen together satisfies that craving.

Plus, it also gives a stronger understanding of their relationship and what’s to come for our favorite chefs on FX. While it’s unlikely that a romantic relationship would come out of this, it could be an interesting Jim and Pam situation where they tease the possibility for a couple of seasons.

It’s Clear That Self-development Is A Huge Theme

The Bear trailer

Carmy’s got issues. He distracts the chaos within his life by working, but his anxieties get the better of him more often than not. It should be interesting to watch how the show pushes his character this season. Carmy in a group session can go in one of many different ways. With the whole renovation going on, new problems will surely emerge.

However, the change this season isn’t just with Carmy. Tina, Erbraheim, Marcus, and everyone is going down a different path. Yet the goals for success remain the same. It’ll be fun to see how each of the main characters grows throughout the second season.

Sydney Gets Her Day(s) In The Sun

The Bear Trailer

The first season documented the struggles Sydney dealt with in the kitchen. However, it also revealed that it’s a man’s world when it comes to the culinary arts. With Sydney taking a bigger role in the restaurant this season, the challenges of her being respected as a top-level chef seem to be her journey. Sydney can cook for sure. However, will she be able to handle the intense pressure that comes with it? Perhaps we’ll find out this season.

Carmy Has A Blast From The Past

The Bear Trailer

Carmy’s past comes into play. This season, Molly Gordon (Booksmart, Shiva Baby) joins the cast, though it was never confirmed who she will play. Based on the trailer, it seems like a former flame. Given Carmy’s chaotic world, seeing how he acts in a relationship would certainly add layers to the series overall. The show has never focused on the love lives of the main character. So it’ll be fresh to get a better understanding of who the man behind the white is outside of cooking. The Bear is coming in with high expectations this season. Hopefully, it delivers the same quality as the first.

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