The Best News Bloopers of 2017 Part 2

The Best News Bloopers of 2017 Part 2

There just had to be a part 2 of the best news bloopers of 2017 because there’s just too many to really count and only so many can actually make it into a clip like this. If you think that all news casts and their anchors and reporters in the field are immune from flubs and mistakes and random happenstance then you haven’t been watching close enough. Clips like these will typically never make it into a professional newscast and will be saved for the blooper reel, largely because people would likely start complaining in droves about the lack of professionalism that was to be had.

Those who really like to watch and follow the news tend to not want to see bloopers or anything that could shake their faith in those that are reporting the news and might not even laugh at these outtakes. Personally I found a few of them hilarious and was glad to see someone had a sense of humor that included Star Wars. It was a bit campy and kind of nerdy but when Darth decided to state that he didn’t want to comment on the weather on Alderaan it would make any Star Wars geek (hands up) go “oooh!”. And that’s probably one of the more mild bloopers since it was planned and staged. Also the clip with the weatherman whose lower half appeared to be a rain cloud asking the people off screen to not make him laugh and ‘precipitate’ was kind of funny.

There were plenty of funny moments in this clip and even a few that you couldn’t help but wonder just why such silly things would matter. In the case of the three women that had the same color clothing on the middle woman, who was the actual news anchor it was revealed, had a serious issue that wardrobe hadn’t noticed the supposed faux pas and was kind of mean about it. It’s kind of interesting the things that are caught when no one realizes the cameras are still rolling. Thank goodness for editing I guess.

Some of them are obvious flubs that can’t be helped and there are also photobombers that the reporters didn’t really notice until the last second. It’s also easy to notice how the reporters are given the wrong videos at times and should probably have given a little more thought as to who they’re going to interview. It’s not too hard to realize just why some of these scenes don’t make it to the final cut. The guy being grateful to his wife and his girlfriend was obviously busted and if she managed to see the original cut he probably had a few issues when he got home.

It’s funny to watch journalists get the giggles and get caught unawares since it reminds you that they’re human and make mistakes. They’re not such goal-oriented robots that they put on a false smile or a facade that shows whatever emotion is needed for the moment. They make mistakes, and they’re hilarious.

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