The 5 Best Moms in the Marvel Universe

The 5 Best Moms in the Marvel Universe
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Imagine how hard it would be to be a hero or simply an individual with powers that could help save the world, coupled with the responsibilities of being a parent. Some individuals in the Marvel Universe, male or female, have proven to be terrible parents since they’ve either abandoned their children, harmed them in some manner, or simply been terrible human beings. 

Others have been the type of people that one can’t help but look up to since, in some way, no matter if it’s a little controversial at times, they’ve managed to show that they are decent parents that can show their children how to react to the world around them and how to become a better person. Some folk might want to argue that there are characters that can go both ways, but when it comes to being a mother, a lot of individuals tend to expect a mother to bond with and be good to their children.

Fathers might be seen as figures that come and go sometimes, but a lot of fans would expect to see mothers stick around to take care of their children since, in real life, this expectation is quite similar. But the best moms in the Marvel Universe are those who are as close to miracle workers as they can be. 

Here are five of the best moms in the Marvel Universe. 

5. Frigga

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It could be said that Frigga has had a lot of practice over the years when it comes to being a mother, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less strict or patient with her own sons since, in the MCU, she does have a very big soft spot for Loki, who loves her more than he’ll admit at times. But what also makes Frigga great is that, like the other moms on this list, she’s the type who won’t be content to sit on the sidelines when her family is in danger since she can stand up and do something about it.

Granted, she’s not all-powerful and does stand to lose a lot when taking on certain enemies, but she’s the type of mom who will stand up and smack the hell out of someone if they threaten her loved ones. 

4. Ying Li

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It feels like we didn’t get a ton of backstory on Ying Li in the Shang-Chi movie, but what was delivered was a good enough picture for many since she ended up showing the Mandarin a thing or two about fighting.

Not only that, but had she not been killed, it’s very possible that Shang-Chi’s life, and that of his sister, would have been very different since, with a mother in their life, they might have had a chance of avoiding the need for the training they underwent to become as deadly as they are. But then again, there would be downsides to this as well. All in all, though, Ying Li made it clear to her future husband that his pretty rings meant very little compared to the power she held. 

3. Laura Barton

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The woman who married and had kids with an Avenger would have to be a patient individual, and Laura Barton certainly fits that mold, especially since she’s well aware of what Clint does since she was likely a part of SHIELD at one point as well. But knowing that he’s riding off into danger half the time and that she can trust him and Natasha not to become intimate means she is a woman that is fully secure with herself and knows her husband quite well.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t do much in the movies other than show that she’s a loving wife and mother, Laura is still one of the top names to remember when it comes to thinking of great moms in the MCU. 

2. Jessica Jones

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It feels as though a child that inherits the powers of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones might need a little more understanding as they grow up, especially if the kid were to inherit their attitudes. But from what’s been revealed in the comics, it would appear that Danielle has done quite well, and Jessica is a very devoted mother.

This is a big switch from what was seen during the Netflix show, as the drunk and belligerent individual that she presented herself as in the Netflix show is a far cry from the mother that she would eventually become. But the switch is a positive one, and it’s fair to think that anyone messing with her kid would be cursing such a poor decision very quickly. 

1. Sue Richards

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There are a lot of different ways to say that Sue Storm is one of the most powerful and most important members of the Fantastic Four since she is the glue that holds the team together most often. Her power set is one of the best in the Marvel Universe since unless one has a way to get through or around her invisible barriers, her skill, and her power are enough to keep anyone from getting to her. But as a mother, she’s also a very attentive and well-rounded individual most times. In a big way, Sue Richards is the type of woman who can at least come close to doing it all since, as a superhero and a mother, she’s one of the best that’s ever been written into a comic. 

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