Whatever Happened to Troy From The Goonies? Steve Antin

Whatever Happened to Troy From The Goonies?  Steve Antin

You might not remember him by his real name but instead by the name of Troy, the jerk from The Goonies that was bound and determined to make Brandon’s life miserable and wasn’t above picking on younger kids. If you don’t recall this scene from the movie that’s because it was one of the many deleted scenes that didn’t make the final cut. Troy encounters the younger boys in a local convenience store and decides to have a little fun at their expense. He was without a doubt a worse jerk than the Fratelli’s. They would at least just threaten to kill a person without bothering to pester them first.

Here’s what he’s been up to since then.

5. As of the 2000’s he became a director.

Steve quit the world of acting some time before he became a director but by 2000 he’d decided to settle into the director chair for good. Up until that point he’d been acting on and off and had become a screenwriter. He actually found some success doing this and was quite good for a while. It wasn’t much of a transition since he never really attained that much of a reputation as an actor.

4. He’s very open about being homosexual.

Steve has no problem admitting his sexual preference and has been open about it for a while. It’s kind of interesting to think though that if he might have been hiding it on the set of The Goonies or if he was just as open. In the 1980’s homosexuality was still kind of a hotly debated topic, so it might be that he wasn’t quite as open back then, but there’s really no telling without asking him.

3. He’s been a stunt performer.

This guy must have taken a while to really get a handle on what he wanted to do since stunt performer is a very different job description than a screenwriter or a director. But the good news is that he did in fact make his way to what he seems to enjoy doing and has been doing well ever since. There’s not much word on what he’s like as a director though.

2. He directed Burlesque.

Despite this being a bomb of a movie, even by Cher’s own admission, it was a mark that he’d done something worthy of note, even if the only award he could have ever gotten would have been Razzie. To be fair there was some buzz about the movie, but nothing really that great. It was forgotten on purpose if you remember and has only be resurfacing because people have tried to make it work as reference.

1. Interesting note, the jacket he wore didn’t have Astoria’s school colors. 

This is on an unrelated note, but it’s still fairly interesting. You can argue that the jacket he’s wearing could be purple in a different light but Astoria’s colors are purple and gold, whereas the neighboring high school across the river, Ilwaco, are blue and gold, the same colors that are so prominently featured throughout his time in the film. How do I know this? I’m an Ilwaco graduate, and I know very well that back in ’85, well before my time as a student, that our colors were still the same, as were Astoria’s.

It’s not too often that you can pick this kind of small, seemingly insignificant fact from a movie.



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