Rian Johnson Hates That Glass Onion Became a Knives Out Mystery

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Rian Johnson hated the idea of labeling Glass Onion as a Knives Out Mystery apparently. It does go to show that not even directors always get their way in show business. But at the same time, it’s tough to know where to stand on this issue. On the one hand, it feels as though Johnson should have control over the title. On the other, the title doesn’t feel like that big of an issue. 

It’s very true that stepping into Johnson’s shoes, or trying to, is wise in this matter. The time and effort that goes into creating a movie are immeasurable, given that a director’s vision is what helps to get a reaction from the audience. Taking a look at what people think about this movie, though, it does sound as though a lot of fans didn’t care nearly as much as Johnson. 

One could rationalize that being labeled a mystery that’s related to the previous movie indicates that there’s a connection. There is at least one connection, and that’s Benoit Blanc. What Johnson hated is the idea that the title gives these two movies the feeling of a series. Someone might need to explain to him why that’s not the case, or not.  

Nothing is what it seems

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Creative freedom is important in show business

There are a lot of hands in the creative process, and sometimes that’s a problem. The director, the writers, the crew, and even the actors, can and do create works of art that turn into great films quite often. Unfortunately, when control is taken away from a director at any point, it can have a profound effect. 

Some directors can shake something like this off and walk away. Johnson appears less interested in seeing his vision hampered by anything he doesn’t approve of. Unfortunately for Johnson, it’s likely that Netflix has its own vision concerning how things should go. 

The idea of a compromise when it comes to a title sounds simple, but that’s dependent upon the size of the egos that are set against each other. It’s not uncommon to see or hear directors taking issue with what a producer, or producers, want to see in a movie. But the title of a movie being disputed isn’t heard about that often. 

In the long run, people will typically remember Glass Onion, not the rest

Folks might recall that the movie was called a ‘Knives Out Mystery’, but the general idea is that they’ll speak the first part of the title and nothing else. When describing a movie or even speaking the name, many people will use a truncated form for a longer title. Many will use as few words as they can to describe the movie, as this is easier on the tongue. That’s why Glass Onion will stand out as the preferred title of this movie. 

It’s possible to state that Johnson is reacting in a way that almost begs for ridicule, but it’s not likely that many will engage in such behavior. Johnson’s fans are numerous enough that many will no doubt attempt to see his point. Others might ignore what is said and enjoy or ignore the movie. 

Mysteries abound

Credit: Glass Onion

It stands to reason that if Johnson makes another movie, Netflix will do the same thing

Honestly, Netflix will likely continue to do this if Johnson decides to keep making mystery movies using Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc. Glass Onion is an entertaining and amusing movie, kind of, but hearing that the director had such a problem with the title is kind of hilarious. Johnson has endured a great deal of ridicule over the years, namely from the movie The Last Jedi. Fans made it clear that they were displeased with his directing style regarding Star Wars. With Knives Out, however, all was well.

With this movie, though, it does stand to reason that Johnson doesn’t need to worry so much about the title. Judging by what’s already been said, it does sound as though this matter will remain a thorn in his side for a while. But it’s bound to be forgotten whenever he starts his next project. 

Admittedly, Knives Out set the pace for this movie

It’s not much consolation, but without Knives Out, it does feel safe to state that Glass Onion would not have seen the light of day. It’s easy to argue that idea given that Johnson could have introduced Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion. There are a ton of what-ifs that many can use when defending or negating said argument. The main point is that tripping out over a title sounds kind of silly.

With all due respect, the title should remain the province of the writers and directors, but it’s obvious that producers get to have their say as well. 

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