10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angela Kinsey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angela Kinsey

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angela Kinsey

There’s brutal honesty and then there’s just being brutal and with some people it’s easy to see how that line gets crossed on a regular basis. With Angela Kinsey however the kind of honesty she gives to people comes from the perspective of someone that hasn’t fallen into the hype of being famous or particularly enamored of a lifestyle that’s anything but what it seems to be, that of a celebrity, a parent, and someone that just likes things to be simple. She might carry around lip gloss on a regular basis to make herself feel that much more complete, but other than that she seems to be a very down to earth individual that likes things to be as simple as possible and not as complicated as some folks like to make them. In her career so far she’s been the type that’s more likely to kick back when the day is done than to run about doing a million things at once while trying to keep her reputation on the rise.

Here are a few other things you might not have known about Angela.

10. Angela lived in Jakarta for 12 years.

Her father was a drilling engineer and moved his family with him to Jakarta for a little over a decade, where Angela attended the Jakarta International School. She learned the culture, the customs, and the language and to this day can still speak it fluently.

9. She was a struggling actress for a while.

You can say that she didn’t just fall into acting since she did have to work her way up the ranks. It wasn’t always easy going but she’s a determined and dedicated individual and while she didn’t have a direct route she did have a goal in mind.

8. For a while she worked as an intern on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.

Shows like this seem to have been a big opportunity for a lot of people to move forward in their careers, whichever way they were trying to go. So long as a person showed up, did the work, and impressed the right people it was something that was bound to get them noticed in a good way.

7. Her favorite hobby is gardening.

There are those that say that gardening can be very therapeutic, and if a person can handle the constant bending over, kneeling down, and other actions that are required to perform the hobby then it’s easy to see how this might be the case.

6. She loves to be outdoors as much as possible.

There are those folks that don’t like to be inside for all that long since it can be kind of stifling and not offer enough to do at times. Of course getting outside and enjoying the fresh air now and again is something that a lot of people enjoy.

5. Angela preaches that the audience is a lot smarter than many performers seem to think.

This is true since the average audience isn’t made up of nothing but dummies that are just there to see something entertaining. There are those in the audience typically that are bound to be thinking and wondering just how things could be different in a given performance and what it might take to do the same thing and make it better. A lot of people never do this, but it’s fair to say that the lot of them aren’t dummies.

4. She professes to being kind of a messy person at times.

Unless the messes get out of control it’s usually something that a lot of parents learn early on is something that you’re going to have to live with for a while, at least 18 years or so in some cases. If you’re a parent then you know what messes are all about.

3. Since she became a mom she admits to being a lot more laid back.

Angela has come to realize that there’s no such thing as favored furniture when you’re raising kids, it’s all fair game to be messed up in some way or another. She also accepted the fact that kids are going to be messy, and there’s really no way or point to fighting against it.

2. Angela leads a very normal life outside of work.

She doesn’t travel around with an entourage, she goes to the store just like anyone else, and she leads a pretty normal life when she’s not working. It’s amazing that some people seem to think that celebrities aren’t just like regular people when they want to be.

1. She admits that she’s kind of a chatterbox.

Angela makes no bones about it when she lets someone know that she can and will talk faster and longer than them when it comes down to a conversation. Some people are irritated by this but others at least know how to get a word in.

Celebrities are just regular people after all.

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