Stunning “Lord of the Rings” Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet Cosplay Build

Stunning “Lord of the Rings” Foam Ringwraith Gauntlet Cosplay Build

Watching this Ringwraith gauntlet being built from the Lord of the Rings design is pretty awesome. For cosplay it might be subject to various rules of different conventions but overall it’s just amazing. Witnessing Adam in his shop is always fun, but making this thing out of foam seems like a challenge that he’d like to meet. Looking at the construction of the gauntlet you don’t really think about what goes into the overall construction until you get to look at it closely and understand just how it has to move in accordance with the hand that it will be encasing. If there isn’t enough pliability in the glove then the hand won’t be able to move right. With metal it’s increasingly difficult simply because there are a lot more pieces that need to be put together in order to accommodate every little movement. Think about a rigid glove going over your hand, you wouldn’t be able to grip, rotate, or even straighten your fingers all that much without the necessary components being present.

The excitement that Adam shows in each project is kind of infectious but upon seeing how much work this is some people would no doubt be a little put off since it is REALLY a lot of work. Looking at all the tools he has to make the process a bit easier however is just mind-boggling, as it means that he’s been at this for a while. Those that love to build and engineer things like this would be best served by slowly acquiring the tools they need, as they need them, in order to make the process of building that much easier. Acquiring as many tools, and the types of tools, that Adam has would take time and money, but if you’re truly dedicated as he is when it comes to building then it’s entirely worth it.

Watching this gauntlet come together is amazing since all the intricate little pieces that have to come together are time-consuming and very necessary in order to make it look right. Making the gauntlet out of foam, which would be a lot more acceptable at conventions for cosplay, is only slightly less work than it would be doing it out of metal. But the same effect is gained through the process of heating and forming. It’s all time-consuming and very tedious, but if you’re anything like Adam you might tend to find a way to make it go faster and more efficiently so that you can get through the process and move on to the next part. There’s no doubt that if you want it done right then you’ll go that extra mile and make it as good as you possibly can. But the idea that it should be an agonizingly slow process kind of defeats the purpose of having fun with it.

That’s why you really need to be into the process and the expected outcome in order to really enjoy this entire process. If you’re just a casual fan then you might want to watch and be impressed. But if you’re really into it then by all means watch and learn.

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