Studio C Makes Funny Short Called “Superman’s Day off Disaster”

Studio C Makes Funny Short Called “Superman’s Day off Disaster”

Does Superman ever technically take a day off? Well, Studio C managed to imagine a rather interesting scenario when the man of steel wasn’t being the ultimate boy scout and decided to have some “Clark” time. There are so many different ways to spin this that it’s kind of funny just to think about how one might pick a direction and go with it. After all you’ve got to wonder if Superman and the rest of the Justice League really do have any down time since they’re typically off saving the world or taking care of a crisis that other people just can’t manage. But what happens when they need some serious R&R for themselves? Do superheroes burnout like the rest of the population? Something seems to indicate that if they do the fallout would be nothing short of catastrophic since if you can imagine Superman having a panic attack or a fit of anxiety then you can surely imagine that it might be kind of disastrous if he were to lash out at anyone in a moment of confusion and mental anguish brought on by being overworked and underappreciated.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of people that might disagree with that since Superman has been a beloved icon of truth and justice for so long that people simply assume that he’s always going to be there, in the comics and the movies, and will continue to be the guy that everyone can rely on. But what if the man of steel wants to take a vacation? It’s true that he can move at speeds that a lot of people can’t simply comprehend, so it’s easy to think that even on vacation he could take care of a crisis and then go right back to relaxing, but it seems counterproductive for a hero to start a vacation and have to interrupt it with various breaks here and there to stop a crime. It kind of makes you wonder just how much people in the comics really rely on superheroes and where the law enforcement agents are most of the time since it seems necessary for superheroes to step in for ordinary crimes now and again. In a big way Superman taking the day off isn’t really that big of a deal unless the world is about to be destroyed by some jacked-up super-villain that Superman can beat with one punch of one of his other powers. Situations like this might require a half a dozen cops or a SWAT team instead of a super-powered hero that could kill the robber with one punch.

Studio C definitely thought this through from one aspect at least since the idea of Superman busting out to stop one crime does seem to indicate that others might want him to take care of the problems that they can’t fix as well. It might seem a bit extreme and even melodramatic but it does kind of make sense to think that people who see a hero helping others might want them to help with their issues as well, and before you know it a host of people would come forward with problems they figure the hero can solve. Of course some people would likely say that this wouldn’t happen, that people have better sense in real life than they do in the movies, but if you believe that then you might want to reconnect with humanity for a crash course on what really happens when people figure they can something for nothing. Heroes aren’t immune to this in the movies or the TV shows or even the comics since there are a lot of people out there that want their problems to go away and would rather have someone they figure is capable of doing so to make it happen. Expecting a hero to take care of every problem that you want fixed is a bit insane to be honest, not to mention selfish. During a bank robbery it’s a little different given the dire situation that has already emerged, but still, maybe the bank should hire a more capable guard and actually arm him with something other than a taser.

You can’t help but laugh at this since Clark comes up with one reason after another as to why he doesn’t want to or can’t stop the robbery at that point since he’s taking some ‘me’ time, which is pretty standard for any person that works so hard that they rarely ever get a break. The excuse about getting sick and how powerful his sneezes are was quite amusing since many people would claim that Superman never gets sick, though it’s been well-documented that if his powers are going wonky he can exhibit all the same symptoms as any other person. The same thing tends to happen when he’s exposed to kryptonite. But hey, Studio C did a good job on this parody and it was an amusing video.

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