Top Gun: Maverick Behind the Scenes Video is Worth a Look

Top Gun: Maverick Behind the Scenes Video is Worth a Look

Top Gun: Maverick Behind the Scenes Video is Worth a Look

There’s no doubt that Top Gun: Maverick is going to be even more intense than the original simply because of the advances in technology and the ability of the crew to come up with ways to film inside the cockpit and outside the aircraft. Director Joe Kosinski managed to sit down and give at least a little bit of insight into what went on and how this movie was made, and to be fair it’s just as impressive now as it was when the idea came up a while back. But hopefully we’ll be seeing the movie any day now since thanks to the delays brought on by the pandemic, nearly all of Hollywood was close to being shut down, and theaters were reeling from the inability to seat as many people as possible. Studios have been delaying the release of several movies on the premise that their movies need to be seen on the big screen to get the full effect, which is easy to agree with but also easy to argue against since the idea of bringing said movies into the homes of so many would likely ensure that it would be watched just as much as it would on the big screen.

But the argument for bringing the movies to the theater is still a strong one since from the size of the screen to sound effects and to the simple idea that seeing a hit movie in the theater the first time makes it a little more special, people would agree that the movie experience is important. Top Gun has been a fan favorite for so long that trying to argue that seeing it any other way is an argument that’s bound to lose since the original movie was one of those that helped to affect pop culture in a big way, and ended up becoming a huge influence for a lot of movies that came after it.

The idea of not using stock footage or green screens for this movie might astound some people since the truth is that the cameras that are being used were designed to make this easier and give several different viewpoints so that people wouldn’t be stuck with a limited view of the actors and less screen time than would be expected. But it’s also insane to note that while most of the actors have actual body doubles, Tom Cruise is doing his own stunts, and many would argue that these stunts are more dangerous than some that he’s done in the Mission: Impossible movies since he’s operating an aircraft that could easily be his coffin if something were to go wrong. Many have praised the man for his dedication and attention to detail, as well as his determination to perform his own stunts in order to make things look as real as possible. There is something to be said for the fact that he’s putting his body on the line in this movie since it does speak to the work and effort he puts in. Some might think that he’s a little off his rocker for doing such a thing, but he’s not the only person that’s gone to such lengths for a movie, though he is one of the only people to take things this far.

For the sake of the movie though the effort is appreciated since putting one’s life on the line to entertain others is going a bit above and beyond since Cruise has actually learned how to do quite a few things in order to take on his own stunts and improve the overall realism of his movies. There aren’t a lot of actors out there that do this since green screens and practical effects are still favored when it comes to getting the right shot. Those actors that do their own stunts to make a movie look great are admirable, but there are few like Cruise that take their acting to such limits. But looking further at this movie, the kind of technology that’s being used and the methods and techniques that have been unveiled are amazing since the attention to detail and the ability to sell everything so well is what will likely make this movie a worthy successor to the first.

That’s a pretty high bar to hit really, especially when it comes to how impressionable the actors will be, given that a lot of people that saw and remember the first Top Gun are probably going to think that the new recruits are a bunch of kids that want to think of themselves as badass pilots. That’s the common feeling of many that will feel the generation gap, but it’s also one of the elements of the movie that’s needed in order to create real development that will take place during the course of the story.

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