The 10 Strangest Movie Premises of All Time

The 10 Strangest Movie Premises of All Time

The 10 Strangest Movie Premises of All Time

There are plenty of times in movies when your brain isn’t quite turned off and happens to catch wind of a premise that doesn’t make a lot of sense given that it might contradict the whole idea of the movie, which means it’s a puzzle as to why it’s happening. But this is where suspension of disbelief usually comes into play since the movies aren’t usually meant to be taken this seriously, or even with the amount of logic that a lot of people want to see from one minute to the next. By doing this we tend to start thinking of why this doesn’t make sense, what could be done to fix it, and then we come to the realization that we’re being kind of nitpicky, as well as a little too fussy about the movies we’re watching. It’s tough not to do this sometimes, but it does make for a better movie experience when one just leaves a messy premise alone in order to enjoy the movie.  Here are a few movie premises that are a bit strange considering how the movie turned out. 

10. Toy Story – doesn’t believe he’s a toy, but still freezes like every other toy when humans are around 

Quite a few people have brought this issue to light since the fact is that Buzz does make a big deal of believing that he’s an actual space ranger according to his programming and persona, but there’s one issue. He still freezes like the rest of the toys when people come around. This kind of begs the question of whether toys are simply forced to do this, or he’s in serious denial. 

9. Alpha Dog – snatching the kid brother of a guy that owes you money

Think about it this way, not only would Johnny and his crew be on the hook for their position as drug dealers, but they would also be on the hook for kidnapping. The cops tend to take this kind of thing seriously, and looking at his crew, it’s kind of hard to believe that they lasted as long as they did before things started falling apart. 

8. Furious Seven – a professional wheelman can outsmart a world-class assassin 

Dom’s tough, there’s no doubt of that, and he knows how to drive in ways that aren’t humanly possible in real life. But putting a tough guy up against a person that’s trained to kill in multiple ways, and do so without being caught or even detected at times, is pushing the suspension of disbelief WAY too far, much as these movies have been doing for years now. 

7. Accepted – creating a fictional college and expecting that no one will check it out

The parents in this movie are shown to be utterly clueless when it comes to a new college that’s suddenly sprung up out of nowhere. It’s true that there are a lot of colleges out there that are legit and still not that well known, but this is kind of ridiculous since an institution doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. 

6. Cinderella – NO WOMAN in the kingdom had the same shoe size?

I know, picking on a favored fairy tale isn’t a great way to get people to pay attention. But in the interest of the subject, one has to ask if any other woman in the kingdom had the same size foot as Cinderella. Otherwise, it would appear that the slipper might magically deny every woman save the one that wore it. Plus, wasn’t the enchantment supposed to wear off with everything else? 

5. Back to the Future – time-traveling to study and observe…right

So the plan must have been to travel to the future and see how things turned out, and just stay the heck out of the way and hope that no one noticed a person appearing from nowhere, right? Yeah, the likelihood of nothing happening once one traveled back in time or forward isn’t taking into account human nature, which is bound to do anything except let a person stay still. 

4. Armageddon – turning oil drillers into astronauts to save the world

No offense to oil drillers, but it would probably be easier to give a group of astronauts a crash course on how to drill into an asteroid than to take a bunch of guys that could barely survive the tests to handle the rigors of space and train them to basically survive. If this ever gets rebooted let’s hope they install a training course on the shuttles so that the astronauts know what they’re doing. 

3. Signs – why invade a planet that’s covered with a substance that’s harmful to your species?

This is actually the biggest problem with the movie since there’s no sense in bringing an invading force to a planet that’s covered by something that can literally kill you. The same was done in Alien Nation, and while they had a slightly better chance if they stayed away from any oceans, these aliens were kind of screwed the moment they set down. 

2. Kill Bill Vol. 1 – revenge is hard to take after atrophy sets in

Has anyone tried to use their legs after being inactive for a day, let alone years of being unable to do so? The amount of time she needed to get to where she was going would have been more than enough for the hospital staff and cops to come looking for her. Plus, since Buck was obviously found dead, locating his vehicle wouldn’t have been that hard. 

1. The Day After Tomorrow – surviving anything in this movie shouldn’t be as possible as it appears 

How fast can a person move in the snow? How fast can things ice up when the temperature starts to drop so drastically? Technically, these two shouldn’t have made it back into the building, much less have been able to start a fire to survive. But yes, it’s entertainment, and the protagonists have to win, I get it. 

Sometimes you just need to turn your brain off. 

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