10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Strange Evidence”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about “Strange Evidence”

Strange Evidence

Strange Evidence is a show about strange phenomena that have been captured on film. So far, it has been broadcast for multiple seasons, which suggests that it has managed to build up a following of its own. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Strange Evidence:

1. Product of Modern Times

The show is very much a product of modern times. Simply put, while video cameras were invented in the early 20th century, they have managed to become ubiquitous in the present thanks to both modern technique and modern technologies. As such, we are now filming more footage than ever before, which is what provides the show with its raw material.

2. Interested in Unexplained But Not Unexplainable Phenomena

On the whole, Strange Evidence is focused on what one might call unexplained but not unexplainable phenomena. Essentially, it shows footage of phenomena that seems impossible under the rules of nature. However, Strange Evidence is very much interested in explaining what happened as well as how it happened using those same rules of nature.

3. Each Episode Covers Multiple Phenomena

Each episode of Strange Evidence covers not one phenomenon but rather a number of phenomena. This results in a period of coverage for each phenomenon that is neither too long nor too short, both of which are serious problems for such shows. After all, too long a coverage period makes for very thin material because of a lack of substance beneath the superficial presentation. Meanwhile, too short a coverage period is problematic because it leaves very little impression on the viewer. Never mind the issue of finding enough footage to fill episode after episode for season after season.

4. The Coverage of Each Phenomenon Follows a Standard Pattern

Speaking of which, the segments contained in each episode tend to follow a standard pattern. In short, the segment will start by showing the phenomenon that serves as its centerpoint. After the footage has been shown, it will be followed by a frenzy of speculation, which prioritizes excitement over other considerations. However, while this kind of speculation will occupy much of the time provided to each segment, it will be concluded by a very short and very scientific explanation for whatever was shown in the footage, presumably because the people behind the show feel that it wouldn’t be as interesting to the viewers.

5. Engages in Pseudoscience

Unfortunately, while Strange Evidence features scientific explanations for its footage, it has no hesitation about offering pseudoscience as well as other wild examples of speculation when it comes to the frenzy of speculation that precedes it. This makes it one more example of the “factual” shows that are having a problematic effect on viewers by feeding them pseudohistory, pseudoscience, and other kinds of nonsense. Granted, Strange Evidence is better than a lot of its counterparts in that it sticks to scientific explanations at the very end, but the sheer amount of time given over to the speculation means that said sections are what most viewers will remember the most. Something that might seem harmless when it happens from time to time but can nonetheless have a much more negative impact in the long run with repeated viewing.

6. Covers Strange Beasts

Unsurprisingly, one of the segments covers a strange beast spotted in a Brazilian town situated in a remote location. Such occurrences aren’t rare for a number of reasons. For instance, footage isn’t guaranteed to provide interested individuals with a perfect look at the animal that was captured on video camera, thus making it difficult to tell what it was. Furthermore, people don’t necessarily have a perfect understanding of the animals that can be found in their local environment, which is one more potential complication. Finally, while this is rare in places where people live, there are still some sizable animal species out there that remain mysterious to modern science.

7. Covers Unexplained Blasts

The same episode that covered the strange beast covered a strange blast of unknown origin, which proceeded to spark fears of nuclear catastrophe in the locals. To some extent, such fears are understandable, but that changes once reliable and reputable investigators have had a chance to look into the issue.

8. Covers Dead Zones

One of the episodes covered a dead zone in the ocean that seemed to kill everything that entered it. Unfortunately, dead zones in the ocean are not uncommon in the modern era, as shown by the fact that there is a famous example that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. For those who are unfamiliar, dead zones are places where the oxygen level has fallen so low that local life has either perished or headed elsewhere. There are many causes for such environments, but one of the most common is human pollution resulting in excessive nutrients and thus excessive algae growth. When the algae dies and decays, that uses up oxygen, thus dropping the overall oxygen level in the surroundings.

9. Covers Frightening Skies

Earthquakes have been known to be accompanied by some rather strange and rather spectacular phenomena in the skies. Currently, it is unclear what exactly causes earthquake lights and related occurrences, but scientists in said field have already come up with various potential explanations such as piezoelectricity created by the movements of quartz-containing rocks and local disruptions of the Earth’s magnetic field.

10. Covers Levitation

Levitating cars are another topic that have managed to make it on to Strange Evidence. However, this kind of thing tends to have very boring explanations, with an excellent example being an incident in China that was caused by a fallen cable wire turned into impromptu trip wire. With that said, it is interesting to note that there are also serious efforts looking into the creation of hovercars, which aren’t as far-fetched as they might sound on initial consideration. As a result, it is possible that levitating cars might turn into a real thing at some point in the not too distant future.

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