We’re Still Blown Away Every Time We See Daniel Radcliffe Rap

It’s easy to be blown away by Daniel Radcliffe’s ability to rap since it was something no one really knew was possible until he did it. Watching him on Jimmy Fallon’s show however busting out rhymes to Blackalicious’ song Alphabet Aerobics however is just something that you can’t unsee or forget once you listen. That’s some amazing work right there that bears some serious respect. The time it took to learn the song and to memorize it proves that Radcliffe is in fact a very big rap fan and has paid his dues when it comes to listening to enough of the genre to really get into it. Watching him rap though makes you wonder why he’s never considered a jump from acting to being a rapper at all, though in all honesty once you dial back it’s kind of obvious why that would be.

Just because you can rap doesn’t mean that you should take yourself out of your comfort zone and become something that fans might not be able to get behind. Radcliffe is forever going to be remembered as Harry Potter ‘the boy who lived’ and that’s something that he’ll be able to take with him for years to come. But Daniel Radcliffe the rapper doesn’t seem like it would be a very wise move on his part no matter that he’s pretty good at it. As far as his skill on the mic though it should probably be kept to a minimum largely because he’s good enough that he can entertain, but probably not quite good enough yet to really go out and find a label willing to sign him on. There’s no doubt that someone would just to say that they have Daniel Radcliffe as one of their talents, but the idea of him being as popular as any other rapper for more than fifteen minutes doesn’t seem to settle too well.

That’s kind of like saying that Jimmy Fallon should go on to become a famous singer as well since he’s so into the lip sync bit that he does on his show. It’s great that he’s funny and runs a very popular program but that seems to be where he should stay rather than trading in his tie for a white t-shirt and blond hair dye. It’s not so much an attempt to keep them down and away from anything new, but instead a realization that the guys are good at what they do and should stick to it so that their continued success is assured. Doing something brand new and exciting is always encouraged, but doing something for fun and doing something because you’re getting paid to do so are two very different things. Acting and rapping are very different, and on stage when he’s got the mic Radcliffe is still acting even if he’s having fun.

The point is that he’s awesome when he has a song in mind and knows it well enough to belt it out for the crowd. But having to do his own songs might be a bit of a stretch.

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