Stephen Colbert Debuts New Hillary Clinton Ad for Millennials on The Late Show

Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert took some time last night on The Late Show to check in on both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to see how both presidential candidates were doing this week post-debate. Colbert, of course, touched upon Trump’s continued excuses for why he didn’t perform better in Monday’s debate and his accusations that Google has been suppressing the “bad news” about Hillary Clinton. However, as Colbert points out, you can very easily use Google to learn about several different conspiracies regarding Clinton and Monday’s debate, including one that suggests she and Lester Holt were signaling to each other and another that proposes Clinton was wearing either an earpiece or “a coughing prevention machine.”

“Yes, yes, the well-known cough prevention machine,” Colbert joked. “It’s Apple’s new hip-mounted Iron Lung.”

After discussing the conspiracies surrounding Clinton’s performance in the debate, Colbert then switched gears and focused on the Democratic candidate’s activities from this week, as Clinton campaigned alongside Bernie Sanders for the first time since July. As the Late Show host pointed out, this decision to work with Sanders comes after a recent poll shows that Clinton only has the support of 31 percent of voters under 35.

But campaigning with Sanders and creating clothing with “Yaaas Hillary” on it aren’t the only ways that Clinton is trying to reach out to young voters. As Colbert debuts in the video below, Clinton (or at least Cartoon Hillary Clinton) has a brand new ad targeting millennials, one that makes her seem cooler and hipper than ever before.

Watch Stephen Colbert unveil Clinton’s new ad below:

[Photo via YouTube]

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