Star Trek Clips Taken Out of Context Makes the Show Unbelievably Different

Star Trek Clips Taken Out of Context Makes the Show Unbelievably Different

And here I was expecting clips from the original show. But yes, if you take any of those scenes out of context there is a BIG probability that Star Trek could be taken in a very different way, and not on that’s entirely positive. Some of the clips are just downright disturbing while others will make you cock your head and say “huh?”. Just the content that goes into the show sometimes seems to make no sense, especially since there is little if any real continuity between the films and the show at this point and time.

I kind of wonder what the newer shows might have depicted in terms of being able to take the content out of context. It’s almost funny to think about how the new special effects might help to bring people to an increased awareness of how the show’s content can sometimes veer off the beaten path and take a direct turn into something far more adult and even comic in nature. If you’ve ever watched the show you can understand at least a bit of what’s going on and get the feeling that all is not as it might seem in those few seconds you’re seeing, but you can’t really deny that it’s funny.

This can be done with virtually any show if you really look for the type of moments that are being used in the clip. All you have to do is find one line of dialogue or one moment that could be taken in a completely different way and use it accordingly. Even a few Trekkies might find this amusing, though I don’t think I’d press the issue as to how silly it can really make the show look. And an even bigger faux pas would be to bring something like this up at a convention. A lot of hardcore Trekkies are notoriously protective of their favorite show and don’t often take kindly to people that are considered to be non or casual fans making fun of their program.

Honestly there’s no need for it, but clips like this, when isolated and left on their own, are pretty hilarious. It’s when they get to run in their usual manner as part of an episode that they finally make sense and the context can be figured out. But all alone, they seem kind of suggestive and even a little odd. Worf getting pricked in the chest, right where you would think his nipples would be, could be construed as the worlds worst purple nurple, while Q lying in bed next to what looks like a naked or half-naked Picard seems HIGHLY suggestive. You see how these clips look to the uninitiated? To Star Trek fans they probably make a lot of sense, but to the rest of us they make us wonder just what’s really going during the journey of the Enterprise.

It might all be just as innocent as can be, but to a non-fan it looks like bad acting coupled with a lot of suggestive content.

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