SpongeBob Spinoff “The Patrick Star Show” Will Happen on Nickelodeon

SpongeBob Spinoff “The Patrick Star Show” Will Happen on Nickelodeon

For Spongebob fans this is probably going to be good news since Patrick Star will be getting his own spinoff show, which is enough to make some of us groan since someone has actually mentioned that this could be the beginning of an “MCU-style” universe within the Spongebob world, meaning there is a lot more to come. Again, fans are probably going to be psyched to hear about this if they haven’t already since the expansion of Spongebob’s world in this manner is no doubt going to spark a lot of imagination and the anticipation of seeing other characters that will get their own spinoff shows and possibly their own movies if things move in that direction. Those that don’t like Spongebob thankfully have the option of just looking away to focus on something else, but in the meantime, it does sound as though Patrick’s show is just the beginning when it comes to seeing what else can come from this particular idea. It’s bound to be a lot more craziness and given that it will apparently feature Patrick’s family, it’s likely that it might become even more mind-numbing than ever before if Patrick’s family are all like him.

For quite some time now, Spongebob has been a seriously big part of our culture and has been dominating when it comes to kids’ TV shows. The fact that so many people love the character is mind-boggling to some and easy to reason with for others. Bill Fagerbakke will be voicing the part of Patrick again for the show, much as he’s been doing since the late 90s, so nothing much will change other than the fact that this will be a show featuring a younger Patrick and possibly a few new characters that people haven’t seen before. It’s bound to be something that will keep the interest of the fans simply because it’s not leaving the original setting that has made Spongebob so popular, but there is talk of expanding since one has to imagine that if the show and the overall idea is going to get any bigger that things are going to have to change and the characters are going to have to expand their knowledge about the sea that surrounds them, given that there’s so much of it to think about. Where the story will go from there is kind of hard to say at this moment without seeing what else is being planned, but it does sound as though many fans will be happy with the direction it’s being given and the innovative planning that’s taking place.

How big this overall story is going to get is bound to be intriguing to the hardcore fans that have been all about Spongebob since he came out, and it’s going to be something that might need to keep a tenuous balance in order to really flesh itself out. There are plenty of characters in the franchise at this point that can be utilized in a number of different ways to enhance and expand the story, and there are enough people willing to work on the different stories that have yet to be told that will eventually create something that’s bound to be one of the most popular franchises for the next decade or more. How this came about is still easy to wonder about since the idea of a talking, walking sponge is still something that a lot of people trying to wrap their heads around in order to fully comprehend. A lot of people have done it and either moved on or come to enjoy the cartoon as they watch it with their kids, and some folks have even been raised with this cartoon around and might have passed it on to their children. There are likely only a certain number of people that don’t really enjoy the show and might say something that fans wouldn’t agree with since it does feel pretty nonsensical at times. But all in all, it’s not the worst cartoon out there even if it’s not the best.

Again, a lot of people would argue with that point of view, and the arguments wouldn’t be invalid, but at the same time thinking about a Patrick spinoff is enough to give a person a headache since the main question is ‘why’, and it’s bound to be countered with ‘why not?’ which is fair enough to honest. But it’s likely that the spinoff will do well enough that it will create more and more buzz for other shows as the ideas keep coming. How many spinoffs we’ll end up seeing is hard to tell, but if there’s anything to go by at this moment it’s the fact that Spongebob has gone a lot further than anyone would have guessed it might a while back.

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