20 Ideas for Additional Gold Rush Spin Offs For Discovery Channel

20 Ideas for Additional Gold Rush Spin Offs For Discovery Channel

20 Ideas for Additional Gold Rush Spin Offs For Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel began airing the series “Gold Rush” in 2010. The show has generated high ratings for the network and recently entered its ninth season. Throughout its long and prosperous run, the show has generated three spin offs so far, including “Gold Rush” White Water,” “Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail” and most recently”Dave Turin’s Lost Mine.” When considering a spin off series, must consider what viewers are most interested in seeing on an expanded view. A good rule of thumb is to include a good story line, a degree of excitement, and produce a new series that the audience will have a reason for watching. For example, “Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” will follow Dave’s adventures as he begins to work an abandoned mine and there is a sense of wonder associated with finding a large vein or possibly a Mother Lode which had not yet been found by previous miners. There are several more directions that the show “Gold Rush” could be taken and here are 10 more ideas for spin off series’ that we believe would be successful.

1. “Gold Rush: Lessons Learned”

Gold Rush features miners who are inexperienced and this is one of the aspects of the show that appeals to the viewing audience. Drama is created as they make mistakes which would be obvious to more seasoned miners and there is a powerful learning curve. The thing is that while they are learning, so is the audience. A spin off series that focuses on a dramatic topic for each episode, such as a safety breach, and shows the mistake that a miner or miners make, with dramatizations and historical blunders with re-enactments and follow up with experts to show the proper methods to lessen risks would be a tremendous educational tool that might just appeal to viewers who are really interested in knowing more about mining techniques.

2. “Gold Rush: Mysteries and Legends”

A spin off that features an exploration of the legends that surround lost mines, similar to Dave Turin’s new spin off would have an appeal to viewers who would like to know more about how some of the bigger strikes were identified. A series that features a single mystery or legend in each episode with a recounting of historical facts, interviews with eyewitnesses and historians, experts and even dramatizations which re-enact the tales could become addictive for a host of viewers who love a good mystery and have an interest in the history of lost mines or ancient curses.

3. “Gold Rush:Paranormal”

Most of us are aware of the wide range of reality television programs that investigate the paranormal. In fact, many of the popular series focus upon areas where the Gold Rush has claimed several victims who went in search of treasure but met with a grisly demise through accidents, illness or starvation while seeking their fortunes. Dozens of reports of haunted tales with terrifying twists are still being passed down and some of them have even been investigated and publicized both on reality television programs and in written stories. The California Gold Rush of the 1800s for example, provides plenty of fodder for a new series which would investigate locations which are reputed to be haunted.

4. “Gold Rush: Amazing Tales of Unusual Discoveries”

Most amateur prospectors are familiar with the term “gold is where you find it.” There have been some amazing discoveries of gold under unusual circumstances and in he most strange places. For example, the discovery of gold recently found in Western Australia’s outback revealed a large amount of gold located 500 meters below the surface of the ground with “rare specimens” of gold in an area that is home to a nickel mine. A series that investigates unusual discoveries would likely generate a lot of interest among the viewing community who themselves have hope of stumbling onto a gold mine themselves.

5. “Gold Rush: The Science of Mining for Gold”

A series that focuses on the scientific aspects of mining would appeal to those with a hunger for knowledge, insatiable curiosity, and interest in mining for gold. A television show that brings in experts in the field along with the latest in equipment and techniques with a focus on the potential for mining gold where it is found may be a good idea for a supplemental show that would be directed towards those who are serious about finding gold. Stories of how use of scientific information has led to large finds of gold deposits is something that would definitely catch the attention of viewers. We see forums springing up all over the internet to discuss the science of gold mining.

6. “Gold Rush: Try Your Hand at it”

A spin off series that highlights the industry of leasing claims to people who are interested in prospecting for gold is an other idea. If you take a look on the internet you can find listings of mining claims that are for sale or for lease so you can give it a try yourself. A show that follows new and inexperienced miners who lease claims with interesting histories could have an appeal for audiences, particularly if the reality aspects are believable but the backstories and drama are intense. Producers could find some interesting claims and make arrangements with viewers who are itching to give it a try for themselves here.

7. “Gold Rush: Australia”

A series that focuses on gold mining in the Australian Outback would be an interesting spin off series for “Gold Rush.” It is estimated that Australia has some of the highest reserves of undiscovered gold in the world and it’s just waiting to be mined. It comes in second to China and a series that features miners from the area along with their back stories would provide a new twist for “Gold Rush” fans.

8. “Gold Rush: China”

Of all the countries in the world, China is number one in terms of production of mined gold and there are no doubt, some very interesting stories to be told that would make excellent topics for episodes of a spin off series for “Gold Rush.” This would offer the opportunity for American viewers to find out about cultural and procedural differences between American and Chinese miners.

9. “Gold Rush: South Africa”

Some of the most productive gold mines in the world are found in South Africa and wouldn’t it be cool to learn about how the South African miners go about prospecting for and mining gold? It’s a huge commodity for the country but little is known here in the United States about what the locals with an interest in mining have to go through to stake a claim and take their chances.

10. “Gold Rush Russia”

Another leader in the production of Gold is Russia. Although it might be a bit more difficult to secure permission for filming in this country, again, a “Gold Rush” spin off series that focuses upon gold mining in Russia would be of great interest. It’s something that we’ve not yet seen fully explored through reality television and it would make a nice addition to the “Gold Rush” family of series.

11. Gold Rush: Canada”

Canada borders the United States and we see the possibilities for an international flavored spin off series that features the operations of gold miners in Canada. This neighboring country is also a major producer of gold in the global market. A show that is similar to the original “Gold Rush” but instead focuses upon how Canadian miners go about mining for gold, along with their interesting back stories and a little drama thrown in would probably be a hit with viewers.

12. “Gold Rush: Exploration”

Another good idea for a spin off series of “Gold Rush” is an exploration based program that is based upon how experts have found some of the larger claims that are currently in operation and bringing out impressive hauls. Viewers are interested in knowing about which claims are producing and how they were ever discovered to begin with. Interviews with those who made the discoveries may be encouraging for would be gold prospectors who are thinking about giving it a try.

13: “Gold Rush: Indigenous Legends”

Indigenous legends which have been passed down for generations that is intriguing. A spin off series that places the focus of hunting for gold based upon the  stories handed down by Native Americans and indigenous communities from all other countries throughout with world would be interesting for those who enjoy learning about new groups of people as well as some clues about where gold has been reported throughout history. Expeditions to investigate the indigenous legends would be over the top in brimming with excitement if done correctly.

14: “Gold Rush:New Guinea”

Papua New Guinea is another location that would serve as a great area to film a new “Gold Rush” spin off. From the famed Mountain of Gold to the ancestral Rain Forests of the country, there are small scale operations in search of the precious metal currently ongoing. The miners who are working the claims in New Guinea would no doubt have some great stories to add to the “Gold Rush” family that would both educate and entertain viewers.

15. “Gold Rush: Greatest Mining Disasters”

A series that takes a look at the greatest mining disasters that have occurred throughout history is another topic that might make for interesting viewing. Re-enactments and live footage with expert and eyewitness accounts would definitely provide another perspective on mining as a spin off that would nicely complement the original “Gold Rush.” There are enough incidents to keep the show running for several years. Survivor stories could provide a humanitarian aspect about the topic.

16. “Gold Rush: Wire Gold”

Wire gold is a rare type that is extremely rare. When this type of gold is discovered it usually isn’t pure gold and contains at least some elements of silver, which is more often found in the wire form. A unique specimen that is in the shape of a ram’s horn, yet occurring naturally was found and it created enough sensation to find a place in a museum. A series that focuses on the locations where wire gold is found would be unique and interesting for viewers, particularly if experts are brought on board to explain why wire gold is rare and how it is formed.

17. “Gold Rush: Liberty, Washington”

Gold mining enthusiasts from Washington State in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with the small hamlet of Liberty and the Gold Rush fever that was inspired by discoveries of gold in the Swauk Creek area. The discovery was made in 1873 and since, many have traveled to the region to stake their claim. If you’re traveling though Liberty, you’ll see a number of Private Property and Do Not Trespass signs warning the curious to stay off of the lands that are home to claims being operated. It’s been long believed that there are some very interesting stories and having been at one of the claims with the friend of a family member, I can tell you that you must be a part of the in-crowd to be allowed at one of these operations. If a few of the families who are working the claims would agree to be part of the “Gold Rush” cast, there would be some great reality TV episodes.

18. “Gold Rush: Oregon”

Oregon is another state in the Pacific Northwest that has its share of unearthed gold. In fact, there are seven rivers in the state where gold has been found. A spin off series that focuses on the find of gold nuggets on the Applegate River, the Illinois River, the Rogue River, the South Umpqua River, The Burnt River, the John Day River and the Powder River would give producers a lot of areas to focus upon, not to mention the multiple creeks in which gold has also been discovered. Amateur miners are working the claims with operations that are similar to those seen on the original “Gold Rush” sow and its current spin offs.

19. “Gold Rush: Pacific Northwest”

Another intriguing spin off series of “Gold Rush” would be one that focuses upon amateur gold mining operations in the Pacific Northwest. There are multiple claims scattered throughout Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California and Montana. Finding miners from these locations with interesting back stories and a track record for finding gold would make for an interesting show.

20. “Gold Rush: Deep Sea Mining

According to the National Geographic, there could be a new gold rush that will take place on the floor of the sea. Deep sea mining is a topic that has recently been discussed as it is known that there are countless precious metals to be found in the ocean floors, but there are risks associated with these kinds of operations.The new project to test the theory in Papua New Guinea will serve as a test run to determine if this is a lucrative venture. The topic of deep sea mining for gold would certainly make a different and interesting topic for a spin off for “Gold Rush” fans.

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