How Adrenaline Can Turn You Into The Hulk According to Science

How Adrenaline Can Turn You Into The Hulk According to Science

On the plus side science isn’t lying when it says that you can turn into the Hulk, in a way, when adrenaline is involved. Have you ever done anything you couldn’t explain that wouldn’t be possible when you weren’t afraid or somehow stressed out? This could mean that they grew super strong for a moment or had a sudden rush of energy that made them move and act faster than normal. That’s what’s called an adrenaline rush. What happens is that the body, sensing the need for increased response, taps the adrenal glands to release added amounts of adrenaline and cortisol, which in turn forces more blood into your muscles and creates a level of awareness that isn’t normally available since it’s a fight or flight response that is present in pretty much any animal. The reason that humans don’t experience this all that often is that our fight or flight response is more of a triggered thing than an instinct and has been since the dawn of civilization. Some people still possess this instinct to a greater degree than others but typically it’s because they either live in areas that are considerably more dangerous or simply lead a rather stressful life.

You’ve no doubt heard stories of how mothers have lifted a car off of their baby or someone else, or men and women have been known to exhibit amazing feats of strength and/or endurance when they are pressured into it, yes? Well that’s an adrenaline rush. The body won’t always fall into this state so easily but if the stressor is great enough and the situation calls for it the body tends to go into instinctive mode very quickly and the fight or flight response takes over. Whether one fights or runs away is entirely up to the individual since it depends on what they believe in and what kind of situation they find themselves in. If for instance you find yourself taking on a huge bear like in the clip the flight response would probably be wise unless there’s not other way to deal with the big critter. Even in that case a human versus a bear isn’t going to end well, but the bear might get a few good scratches from the human if they’re truly lucky.

The point of this is that the sudden rush of adrenaline is so powerful that it makes people capable of doing things they’d never be able to do on their own if they weren’t overly stressed at that moment. Adrenaline is a useful tool in many situations but when administered by the body as a response to stress it tends to become a flood that make and individual a great deal stronger, faster, and overall more capable of handling a situation than they might normally be. Some people tend to live for these adrenaline highs and will go to great lengths to achieve them. You might recall a recent article on the man that just broke the record for a free fall from a platform while attached to a rope. That’s an adrenaline rush for certain.

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