Sounds Like Loki and What If? Will Have a Season 2

Marvel confirms What If...? season 2 is coming to Disney Plus in 2022 | BGR

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So far, it sounds as though only two MCU shows on Disney+ are being given a second season, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see others eventually get the green light. The truth is that the way that some series have ended makes it easy to think that we need to see another season or Disney needs to connect them to a movie quickly in order to preserve the memory of what’s happened. That’s not exactly a consideration that the Mouse House has ever taken, unfortunately, but it would make a lot more sense. However, one can’t help but think that Loki and What If? Aren’t the only series that need a second season since shows like Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk definitely need more explaining. Of course, given the negative reactions that a few of the shows have received, it’s fair to think that Disney might be trying to figure out where they went wrong so that they can fix things in order to get their fans back. Yeah, that sounded flimsy, didn’t it? The real reason could be that Disney is trying to make things feel even more original than before, regardless of the fans and what they might want. 

Loki season 2: everything we know so far | TechRadar

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What If? is a series that could keep going even if the MCU doesn’t pump out the needed material that often. 

Considering all the material that exists in the Marvel Universe, this show could go for multiple seasons, and it would hardly ever get boring since there’s so much material to work with. That does, however, imply that people aren’t going to be insanely confused about the material that’s going off track from the MCU since, despite the use of the multiverse, one could easily guess that fans might want to see some of the animated stories on the big screen or in live-action at least. There are a lot of stories in the Marvel Universe that people would love to see, but the plans of the Mouse House kind of keep such a thing from happening. 

Loki definitely needs a season 2 in order to see what happens to the star characters. 

It’s fair to wonder if the next season of Loki will feature Ant-Man and the Wasp in any capacity, especially with Kang’s arrival and He Who Remains’ death at the end of the first season. There’s a big hope that season 2 will see Loki and Sylvie will reunite, and they’ll figure out their place in the multiverse. It does feel that Loki won’t be coming back to life at any point, but stranger things have happened in recent years, so it’s hard to make this prediction with a straight face. But all the same, the Loki series is one that has a lot to do with what’s coming up in the next phase, so it’s not tough at all to think that fans will get to see a crossover that will lead directly into the movies that are on the way. 

Does Marvel's Moon Knight Deserve a Season 2? | Den of Geek

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Hawkeye is one of the only shows that didn’t really need a second season unless things were planned just right

It does feel rather dismissive to say that other shows shouldn’t get a second season. Still, looking at how shows like Hawkeye and WandaVision were created and how they ended, it’s fair to think that unless a plan might come along as a contingency, they ended the way they needed to. Hawkeye, in particular, feels as though it’s best as a one-and-done unless he happens to have something to do with the Thunderbolts movie that’s supposed to be moving forward. If that were the case, it might make sense to create a second season for his show, but it doesn’t appear that such is the plan. It would have been nice to see the archer get a little more respect in his show, but once again, the MCU picks and chooses who to elevate and who to keep in the dumps, and for some reason, Hawkeye doesn’t rate the kind of respect that other heroes do. 

Some shows wouldn’t make a lot of sense if they received a second season

There are indeed some shows in the MCU that wouldn’t make a lot of sense if they were given a second season, but those are few compared to those that really do need a second season to explain what’s happening and how things are moving forward. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, though, it’s very possible that news of a second season for other shows hasn’t been announced yet, since thinking that Disney is going to leave a few loose ends, such as the series that it recently created is tough to hear, and is unwise on the part of the Mouse House. 

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