10 Things You Didn’t Know about Snowflake Mountain

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Snowflake Mountain

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Snowflake Mountain

It’s amazing that networks can come up with new shows so often. What is left to discuss, after all? Netflix, however, has a thought; let’s take a bunch of adults who still behave like kids because they think the world revolves around them and they’ve not yet learned how to grow up and let’s make them miserable in the real world. It’s called Snowflake Mountain, and it might be just what you were looking for – unless you, too, are a liberal snowflake who cannot handle it. Are you?

1. It’s Not What it Sounds Like

Snowflake Mountain might sound like a place where you will find cold temperatures and a lot of snow, but this is not what the show is about. It’s about a bunch of snowflakes – or people who are just entitled, sensitive, and cannot handle the real world in any capacity. This show is following along as 10 young adults who were spoiled enough to believe that the world revolves around their feelings are given some much-needed tough love.

2. It’s on Netflix

Of course, it is, right? Everything that might be a little controversial is on Netflix, though we are surprised they are showing off the snowflakes that the world likes to mock. It doesn’t seem particularly on-brand for the network and their falling ratings, but perhaps it will work.

3. It’s About Liberals

Listen, that’s not our word; it’s the word used in this article to describe the contestants on the show. Liberals who just cannot handle the real world, who rely on their mommies and daddies to care for them even in their adult lives, and who are just not ready to put on their big kid pants and do the things grown-ups should be doing – like taking care of themselves.

4. There are 10 Contestants

And, believe it or not, they are more entitled than the next. This is just reality gold, honestly. These are 10 people who are described as millennials and liberals who cannot do much of anything without the anonymity of the internet and the power of their moms and dads doing it all for them. It should be interesting.

5. The Parents Are in On it

Lest you think these ten entitled kids are doing this of their own accord, you are mistaken. The premise of the show is that the parents of each young person tell their child they are going on a two-week vacation, and that’s when they lose access to their phones, running water, and all the modern amenities that we all know, and we love so much. They are sent on a very basic and minimalist expedition to the middle of nowhere, and they do not like it.

6. It was Filmed in England

Not being from England, we are not specific about the location. It’s a place in the northwestern part of the country, however. It’s in the Lake District region if you are familiar with that area. It is not a remote area by any means. It’s wildly popular with those who like to camp and explore, so there are always people out there.

7. There are 8 Episodes

If you’re thinking of binge-watching the show, you’ll finish in no time. The show is only eight episodes long, and each one only lasts around 36 minutes. Legitimately, you could finish the show in one sitting if you have nothing else going on for an evening. It might be worth it.

8. This Show Doesn’t Let Anyone Keep Anything

From what we understand, even the contestants were shocked when they realized that they don’t get to keep their stuff. From their luggage being burned to their phones being taken from them, it seems that many of these young people were horrified. Some called it traumatizing.

9. Reviews are Mixed

It’s been called a spot filler. It’s been called a mess. It’s been called warm and light-hearted. Whether you call it something lovely or you have something negative to say about it, however, is up to you. You’ll either love it or hate it, but we do want to hear how you feel about it here.

10. It’s Already Out

The show was released on Netflix on June 22, 2022. You can watch now by downloading each episode and streaming it on your devices. It’s worth a shot if you ask us. While we have not watched it yet, we can’t say we won’t turn it on and take a glance to see if it’s something that we

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