10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kayla Johanson

If you’re into reality television shows about people digging for gold, you already know all about “Gold Rush,” and the things that this show brings to the table. For years now, this show has given us characters who are memorable. Some who are questionable, and some who have sort of disappeared back into their everyday lives without a word of goodbye. Kayla Johanson is a face you might recognize from the show, but do you really know much about her? Who is she, and what is she doing on Gold Rush? We have everything you need to know and want to know about her right here.

1. She is Accustomed to Working Alone

From what we understand about this young woman, she’s not someone who is accustomed to working on a team. She’s more of a solo worker, and she likes her time alone. We don’t watch the show, but we do have a feeling that she might bring some drama with this kind of personality.

2. She’s Colorful

She doesn’t take herself too seriously. Or, she does? We can’t really tell without knowing her better, but we do know that she seems to have some confidence. She refers to herself as a “Gold digging B*tch,” on her Instagram biography, and we have to laugh at the double entendre.

3. Gold is a Family Business

She’s not the first person in her family to do the gold thing as a business. Her own grandfather was a man who went off in search of gold. We don’t think he found any, but that did not derail his granddaughter from doing the same.

4. She’s Not Working the Same Land as her Grandfather

She might be in the same line of work, but she’s not in the same zip code mining for gold. She’s not even in the same area code. Honestly, she’s not even in the same country. Her grandfather did his gold work in Arizona. She’s gone a little further north to Alaska.

5. She Has a Good Luck Charm

She’s been dredging for a long time, and she’s worked her way up to a pretty large machine. However, she’s also got a good luck charm that is always on her person. She wears the first piece of gold she ever mined on a chain. She wears it around her neck, and she considers it the good luck charm she needs ot keep with her everywhere she goes. She’s rarely ever without it.

6. She Sells Jewelry

Prior to taking a part on this show, she did a thing on Etsy running her own jewelry shop. She made it, she sold it, and she did well enough. She has a temporary shut down on her page right now, and we have a feeling that this is because she’s busy with filming.

7. She Knows a Cast Member

Kayla is not new to the show and to all the people. She’s new to the show and some of the people in it, but she’s known Dustin Hurt for many years. They’re friendly, and he asked her if she wanted to come up and join the team with him, and she said yes. She shut down her shop (you can find it on Etsy: The Peeking Doe), and she made her way to the team to help out.

8. She is Private

The thing about this young woman is that she’s not one to talk about herself much. She shares very little about her life and her personal situation, and that means we know very little. We don’t know if she is married, if she is seeing someone or what. She does seem to be very comfortable working alone, so we do get the impression that she might be single, but she doesn’t make that very clear.

9. She’s a Cat Lady

She’s got a cat, and she appears to really love her cat. The cat does make an appearance on the new star’s Instagram page, and she’s a beauty. However, she also seems to have a dog of her own, too, and they do seem to be good friends. She shares photos of her animals, and they are adorable.

10. She Loves the Outdoors

If we can assume anything about this new reality star, it’s that she loves the great outdoors. There are equal numbers of photos of her cat, dog, her jewelry, and the scenery outside of her car or home on her social media profiles. She seems to love being outside, and she also seems to have quite an eye for photos.

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