10 Things You Didn’t Know about Simu Liu

Simu Liu

When someone you don’t recognize and know little about suddenly comes roaring into the spotlight it’s a chance for a lot of people to stand up and pay attention since it usually means we’re being introduced to a new and promising prospect that one company or another will be putting a lot of effort into. Simu Liu is one such individual since he’s been whisked to the forefront of the MCU all of a sudden with the announcement of what will be coming in Phase 4. The chance to be immortalized in film is the dream of many individuals that get into acting and he’s going to get his chance very soon here to become a part of the MCU in a way that some people are excited for and others are still trying to figure out since the individual he’ll be playing has been around for a while, despite his prominence being kind of muted.

Here are a few things about Simu you might not have known.

10. Initially he worked as an accountant, then he pursued an acting career.

There was a gap between being an accountant, a job he was well-trained for but still ended up being laid from, and being an actor when he decided to pursue other interests and see what caught his eye. Eventually though he did make his way to the front of the camera.

9. He was an extra on the movie Pacific Rim.

It’d be interesting to know just how many people would go back and watch Pacific Rim just to see if they can catch a glimpse of him now since there are times when famous faces have a way of showing up years before you realize that they’re going to be someone important.

8. At one time he was a stuntman.

This was one of those transitory positions that eventually led him to wanting to act and obviously it worked just fine, though being a stuntman is definitely a lot riskier when it comes to one’s health. Thankfully he knew what he was doing most times since a lot of stunts are carefully choreographed and maximized for the safety of the individual.

7. He’s going to be playing the Marvel hero Shang-Chi.

Some people might not know that much about Shang-Chi, but some might state that he’s Marvel’s version of Bruce Lee. They’re not too far off the mark really but at the same time he is his own person and is also someone that is said to be quite impressive.

6. For a good part of his career he’s been an extra or a minor character in a few productions.

Actors have to earn their way up too, though there are times when it would seem that some who really have the skills and acting talent necessary get looked over for others that have just the look or the right pedigree. Thankfully he’s finally been given a role that he’ll likely excel in, which could possibly lead to more in the future.

5. He was a shirtless greeter for Abercrombie and Fitch at one point.

Obviously he keeps himself in good shape since Abercrombie and Fitch is widely known as a very popular place and they don’t tend to cater to those that are more of the ‘dad bod’ persuasion, meaning that their greeters tend to have to be ripped or at least in good shape.

4. His social media presence is already kind of impressive.

Simu has quite a few followers already and it seems fair to state that before and after the movie comes out that these numbers will increase since given the MCU’s track record as of now their movies have only been increasing the popularity of their actors.

3. He already has a net worth of around $4 million.

Simu has amassed an impressive net worth already which means he’s been working his tail off to make certain that he’s seen as a serious and very invested actor. At this point moving forward in a big way seems to be the only logical way to go.

2. His family moved to Canada when he was 5 years old.

Moving from China to Canada is quite the move as you might guess, and it would seem that it would take a lot of transition and the ability to simply assimilate to one’s surroundings. As he grew though Simu seemed to blend in just fine and to this date he’s done quite well.

1. At this time he keeps a lot of his private information under wraps.

Quite honestly you can’t blame any actor for this, whether they’re megastars or not. The media tend to find anything and everything they can to report on, and the spin that’s given to some of the information they’re given isn’t exactly fair or newsworthy at times.

Hands up, who else is getting excited to see what the MCU will do next?

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