Moving Forward: The MCU’s Phase 4 Looks Awesome

It seems in the last few years that it’s been an all-out sprint to reach the end of the MCU’s phase 3 just so we could see what the post-credit scenes were getting at. Once we saw Thanos though a lot us knew, without a doubt, that we were in for the Infinity Gauntlet story line and would hopefully be seeing a large grouping of heroes that would be slammed together to create one epic movie. Obviously all we got was an Avengers movie that couldn’t include too many heroes since they weren’t quite the property of Disney just yet. But what we got was still insanely impressive and led up to a two-part movie that many agree is one of the most epic tales unfolded in cinema to date. But as Eric Eisenberg of CinemaBlend would likely agree with, that was just the beginning of something that is continuing to expand as the Marvel universe is now unleashing even more heroes and villains upon the audience and will be exploring the universe in greater depth as the upcoming movies that are going to be a part of Phase 4 look as though they’re going to be nothing less than awesome.

It’s kind of easy to say that we expected such movies as Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Doctor Strange 2, and Black Panther 2. In fact we’ve even been expecting to see another Captain Marvel movie after the first one sparked so much interest. But the others, such as Secret Wars and the Fantastic Four, are movies that we were secretly hoping for and holding out as little more than rumor to be honest. There are so many heroes and villains the Marvel universe that have yet to be unveiled that trying to get them all in is going to require another couple phases at the least. But it does beg the question as to whether we’re going to see everything build to another crescendo that might see the heroes come together yet again. Even better is that the X-Men, who aren’t on this list since Kevin Feige seems confident that they won’t be showing up until later, could come in as something of a surprise and possibly as a part of another phase that could continue to build to something even more dominant than the Infinity Gauntlet. What could possibly be more powerful you say? Well, the Dark Phoenix, a woefully under-utilized character and cosmic force, is something that has been known to be more powerful than Galactus, who has trumped Thanos, sans the Infinity Gauntlet, in the past.

Just looking at the slate of movies that are coming out it would seem that the MCU is seeking to keep the balance between the cosmic and earthbound conflicts, though as anyone that’s read the comics would know, the distinction between the two blurs quickly when it comes the heroes coming together to combat a deadly force that could wipe them all out. Keeping the X-Men back at this point seems like keeping an ace in the hole since they’ve dealt directly with the Phoenix force more than anyone, but nearly every movie on this list could be said to be building up to such a thing since the emergence of the Phoenix force has been able to touch a lot of people since it’s capability to destroy anything its path is unparalleled throughout the Marvel universe. In fact there are a few forces that can contend with the Phoenix force, but even those would find it less than easy to really contend with such an all-consuming force that is known for its ability to destroy.

Whether or not that’s a plan that might be pushed later on the movies coming out in Phase 4 are going to be a lot of fun it looks like. Secret Wars could possibly be a buildup to introduce the X-Men and other heroes that have yet to make an appearance. In some ways it feels as though a few of these movies might even be a chance to bring some of the TV heroes to the mainstream. One can only hope, right? Whatever’s coming it seems as though it could be nothing short of amazing and dominant when it comes to the box office numbers. DC has a lot of ground to make up if they want to stay competitive, though as it stands it would seem that they’re developing their own movies and are seeking to at least stay in the picture. Their TV shows are actually doing better than their movies, where it’s the opposite for the MCU, which is kind of amusing. It might be a couple of years for some of these movies, but as you can imagine writers and columnists will be commenting on them the entire time, giving updates as necessary and revealing what we can as the movies progress.

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