Whatever Happened to Scott Coffey?

Whatever Happened to Scott Coffey?

Whatever Happened to Scott Coffey?

Trying to figure out what happened to various actors can certainly give a person a headache as they try to discover just what kind of trajectory an actor’s career took at one point that would make it necessary to try and find them again. Scott Coffey is an actor that turned to directing and screenwriting at various times in his career as he continued to stick around. To date, it sounds as though he’s been doing what he can to stick around as he continues to be a part of the entertainment industry while finding roles that will suit him and even taking on other duties that keep him busy. It’s easy to think that someone would want to stay in the business for as long as possible if it gave them even a glimmer of hope throughout the years, and Coffey has had that and more since he has been someone that’s gained notice at some point in his career and has been relied on for various roles now and then. But trying to justify that he’s any more important than an extra might be stretching things just a bit since there is usually a reason why someone isn’t remembered by a large number of fans, and it’s not always that they were a nobody to begin with. In fact, in some cases, it’s simply because they were a supporting actor or an extra that kept showing up in one movie or TV show after another.

It doesn’t feel like an exaggeration to state that there are more supporting actors and extras in Hollywood than there are A-listers, since the fact is that the big-name actors often need someone in the background to bolster their efforts from time to time, and those such as Coffey tend to be the people that such actors rely on. It’s kind of funny to think of what might happen if the A-listers had to field a movie all on their own and provide the entertainment the entire time. There are a few that could do such a thing, and a few that have had to do such a thing, but it’s almost never the same since the empty space that is usually taken up by people like Coffey becomes even bigger when they’re not there and stretches on and on until it’s realized that even a popular A-lister couldn’t possibly do this all the time. It would get boring, predictable, and would be something that fans would likely stop watching after a while. That’s part of the reason why people such as Coffey are important since they fill in those spaces that might otherwise be left empty, and take on the roles that help the more famous actors do their thing.

Coffey’s career has been ongoing for a while and despite the idea that it hasn’t really blossomed as he might have liked he’s still there, which is enough to be said about his determination and ability to find a way to stay somewhat relevant. It does appear as though he’s found that way since he’s still around, even if he’s not as easy to notice and has kind of fallen off the map a bit. Getting noticed these days isn’t the hardest part, it’s getting people to care for more than a few seconds at a time so that one’s reputation can start lifting again in order to keep a career moving forward. With so many people vying for attention online these days it’s easy to think that getting lost amidst the crowd is going to happen unless someone speaks louder, has something that people are willing to follow, or is able to do something that simply makes them stand out in a way that’s bolder than anyone else. Of course, that kind of leads to a dark place as well since shock value isn’t quite the same as popularity, but it’s something that’s done quite often in order to gain attention and keep it. But at this moment it wouldn’t appear that this is a part of Coffey’s plan, which is refreshing really since far too many people have been doing such a thing in recent years.

But predicting where his career could end up in the next several years is a bit difficult given that it might be right where it’s at now, meaning that he’ll still have a career, but it won’t have progressed in any other direction than forward. That’s a positive direction at least, but unless he can come up with something that might be seen as new and exciting it’s likely that Scot will continue to be one of the many middling talents that had a chance at greatness once upon a time, but didn’t quite make it big enough at the right time. Hey, he’s still working, that’s something.

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