The Simple Formula for Megyn Kelly’s Ratings to Rise

The Simple Formula for Megyn Kelly’s Ratings to Rise

Megyn Kelly seems to have found a very simple formula for upping the ratings on her show. Keep going after high-profile figures that have been accused of sexual misconduct and hammer the point home until people respond, which has been working since her ratings have started to improve. They’re still dismal compared to where they used to be but more and more people have started paying attention in order to bring to light the massive issues that have been going on in Hollywood and politics as of late when it comes to sexual harassment. As dangerous a topic as it can be for a person’s career it is still something of interest that people want to hear about and will at least tune into so that they can hear what’s being said and perhaps put in their two cents as well.

While the Weinstein scandal is still ongoing and the witch hunt is still on throughout Hollywood her focus has kind of shifted towards the POTUS as of late, following the trend that has taken the sexual harassment allegations all the way to the White House. It might seem like a dangerous gamble really since if anyone could possibly derail a career it would be someone that high in government. Of course it might seem a little petty for Trump to do such a thing but when was the last time anyone saw that stop him from being who he is?

Megyn Kelly isn’t perfect by any means. She can be coarse, combative, and even a little crude at times but she’s at the very least taking the issue at hand to the men that are attempting to shrug it off like it’s nothing. For too long women have been treated almost like second-class citizens in this country whenever they decide to stand up for themselves. Even whispering the words that they were harassed in a sexual manner used to be grounds for ruining their career and making sure that no one would ever believe them. Those times are gone and Kelly is trying to make sure they stay gone since they benefit no one save those men that are willing to treat women as though they’re playthings for their amusement. This “locker room talk” that some men spout off about is a poor excuse for ill behavior and speech that has no place in polite company.

The downfall of this current situation of course is that hard evidence needs to be found of Trump actually doing what he’s been accused of in the past. Plus, the fact remains that a lot of it did happen in the past and not most recently which would be grounds to finally call for his impeachment on the grounds of misconduct. It doesn’t bode well for Trump if he continually dismisses the matter out of hand and doesn’t try to prove that he’s innocent in any way, but getting him to say anything other than his usual stumbling and stuttering speeches that make no sense isn’t bound to be easy.

Kelly’s got her work cut out for her, but she’s on the right track it seems.

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