The Top 5 Characters Who Appeared Only Once on Seinfeld

The Top 5 Characters Who Appeared Only Once on Seinfeld

NBC’s Seinfeld described as “ A show about nothing” relied heavily on amazing characters rather than plot, to drive the sitcom. And the show drove to some pretty crazy places, mainly due to the Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer’s interaction with the wacky people in their New York universe. Some of these characters like Puddy, Newman, J. Peterman and Tim Whatley made several appearances; however there were some interesting guest stars that did a one off character and thus stole the show during their brief appearance. Unfortunately, they were never heard from again. Here are five of the greatest Seinfeld characters who only appeared once.

5. Jimmy “The Jimmy”

Talking about yourself in the third person can cause annoyance to others and cause confusion to those who don’t know you. Take for example Jimmy in the episode “The Jimmy” who grates on Jerry’s nerves and caused Elaine some serious confusion as to her gym admirer. After Jimmy takes a slip and fall on Kramer’s drool, this super athlete with the weird shoes laments that “Jimmy might have a compound fracture, Jimmy’s going into shock etc…” Pretty soon Elaine starts to like Jimmy despite his unusual talk. Jimmy was played by Anthony Starke who later went on to appear on “Castle” and “Mad Men.”

4. The Doorman “The Doorman”

The doorman of J. Peterman’s building expertly played by Larry Miller was a true gentleman snarker in a blue collar uniform. His handling and manipulation of Jerry was epic as Jerry tried to gain access to J. Peterman’s swanky building. Not since Carlton on “Rhoda” has a doorman been so entertaining.

3. Jason Hanky “The Apology”

Many big stars appeared on Seinfeld from time to time and James Spader nails his performance as a recovering alcoholic in “The Apology”. After constant pestering by George because “You’re an alcoholic you have to apologize!” he finally tries but his mea culpa isn’t good enough for George who has to twist him up until he flies into a rage and ends up in yet another recovery program for rageaholics.

2. Brett “The Checks”

Elaine thought it might have been “the guy with the hook” when her boyfriend Brett stopped kissing her and gave the radio his rapt attention because his song “Desperado” was playing. He also had a thing for furniture made by a guy called Karl Farbman. She tried to make “Witchy Woman” their song but no dice. Brett, in all of his self centered glory was played by handsome actor James Patrick Stuart

1. Darin “The Voice”

Kramer’s idealistic intern from NYU Darin believes in Kramer and his new company, Kramerica, so much so that he works for free as his personal assistant so he can concentrate and test his oil bladder invention. Darin was played by Jarrad Paul.They end up dumping a ball full of oil on Claire who won’t look up because Jerry and George are doing the annoying voice,



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