Recap – V 1.02 – There is No Normal Anymore

v 1.2.1Erica and Father Jack are still on the rooftop trying to process what happened (see last week’s recap). Father Jack thinks that they are the only ones who got away but Erica believes there are others. They watch a shuttle launch from the Mothership and arrive nearby. Father Jack wants to call the cops on his cell phone but Erica says they should do it anonymously. She calls 911 from a payphone to report a slaughter. The 911 operator keeps her on the phone for a couple minutes to get the details… only it’s not 911 – the call was intercepted by a V. It sends another flying spike-ball (called a “Seeker”) after them. Erica and Jack get away. Meanwhile, the Vs clean-up the warehouse and remove all bodies and evidence. Father Jack still thinks they should go for help but Erica insists they can’t because they don’t know who to trust. Dale had been her partner for 7 years and she never suspected. She tells Jack to go home and forget everything he saw. And not to trust anyone.

Erica gets home near dawn. Tyler isn’t there. She freaks. When he comes home, she is so relieved to see him that she doesn’t ground him for coming in 8 hours late. She asks him to promise to stay away from the Vs, and he does. Then he goes up to his room and pulls out his new uniform jacket.

Father Travis and Father Jack discuss the Vs proposal for diplomatic relations. “Establishing relations is a good thing, we’re supposed to say,” the senior priest reminds Father Jack. Also, the cops are looking for him in relation to the guy who died in the church the day before.

Erica gets a call from her boss, Paul Kendrick, who is looking for Dale. “Have you seen him?” “Not since yesterday,” Erica the obfuscator honestly replies.

Ryan and Valerie cuddle in bed. She asks him if she can take a look at his arm. He says it isn’t necessary. When he removes the bandage, we see that the gash is pretty big and that a lot of his lizard skin is visible.

Chad reviews his interview with Anna. He feels like he sold out but PA Haley tells him he did well. He doesn’t think so.

Anna and Marcus confer on the ship. He is concerned because India hasn’t offered diplomatic relations yet. She tells him that once the U.S. does it, the rest of the world will fall in line. Right now, she is concerned about Japan. She scolds Marcus for not realizing that appearing submissive to humans is the easiest way to dominate them.

Erica arrives at work. She moves through the office like she is walking through a mine field; everyone is now suspect as she looks at them with new eyes. Paul tells her that Dale never made it home and that his wife is in the office looking for answers. He ushers her into a room where a bunch of agents are waiting to talk to her. They ask her all the usual suspect questions: when’s the last time she saw him? was he acting strangely? were they having an affair? Erica eventually acts defensive (I’d rather be out looking for my friend and partner of 7 years than standing around talking about him) and Paul comes in with the news that they’ve found Dale’s car.

Meanwhile, FBI Agent Sarika Malik from the V Threat Assessment Joint Task Force shows up at the church to question Father Jack about the dead guy. It seems that Dead Guy had an FBI file due to the large number of reports he filed about alien activity on earth prior to the Vs arrival. He lies and says that Dead Guy didn’t talk about the Vs. He just seemed scared and then he died.

Erica and Paul arrive outside the warehouse. She says she recognizes the address from a terrorist cell tip she and Dale got. She searches his car and covertly reclaims her badge and gun which she left there before she slipped into the resistance meeting. When Paul comes up behind her and asks if she found anything, she hands him Dale’s phone, which she found in the seat.

Broadcast: Anna thanks Japan and Mexico for their agreement to offer diplomatic relations and she hopes that Russia and the U.S. with follow their leads.

Chad watches the broadcast. He gets the numbers from his interview. Half the viewers are still undecided about the Vs. He gets an idea on how to regain some of his integrity without screwing his deal with Anna. He tells Haley that the next time, Anna will come to him.

Still lovey-dovey, Valerie tells Ryan that one of her counselling patients cancelled. Does he want to have lunch? He’d love to but he has a meeting in Jersey. Rain check.

Tyler and Brandon arrive at the Visitors Centre. Lisa greets them with a smile and says she’ll get Brandon to the front of the line to become a Peace Ambassador.

Father Jack ruminates. Father Travis asks him what is wrong and Father Jack admits that he didn’t tell Agent Malik that Dead Guy actually was ranting about the Vs. He’s feeling guilty. Father Travis tells him that sensitive talks are going on now and that he should not upset the apple cart.

Erica and Paul investigate the warehouse. There are no bodies, no blood pools, no signs at all of the slaughter that happened only hours ago. He asks why she didn’t tell him about the lead. She reminds him that every time they got a lead on the terrorist cell, it fell through. She didn’t know who the mole was. Perhaps Dale came to the warehouse to check it out by himself. She gets more defensive as he continues to question her.

Marcus wants to know if the sole human they captured at the warehouse is part of the resistance that the Vs quelled several years ago. The human is in some sort of medical half-shell. He is hallucinating that he is covered in snakes. He screams that he didn’t know anyone else at the meeting. Marcus doesn’t recognize anyone from the Seeker tapes because they have really, really bad playback and only seem to record in infrared. So the Vs have no more information on the resistance.

v 1.2.2Ryan arrives at Al’s Garage. He asks the mechanic if Angelo is around. The mechanic says no. Ryan hauls the mechanic out from under the car. Hello, Angelo.

Father Jack is at the FBI and Erica is shocked to see him. She tries to convince him not to give the Dead Guy’s photos to the FBI task force but he says he must.

Tyler and Brandon are on ambassador duty, handing out brochures near a crowd of protesters. Lisa comes to the fence; the Vs aren’t allowed to walk the streets yet. Tyler shows off his bike. Lisa uses his phone to take a picture of herself. Ty promises her a pizza date once the Vs can leave their compound. A couple protesters get rowdy and Tyler punches one in the face. Lisa walks away, upset. Violence is not our message.

Angelo is another alien, a traitor in hiding like Ryan. He heard about what went down in Brooklyn at the warehouse and frankly, is surprised that Ryan got involved again. He fixes up Ryan’s arm. Although he is surprised that Ryan is prepared to rejoin the fight, especially considering that the humans are going to get it bad but traitors will get it worse, he is not prepared to help and he knocks out his fellow lizard.

Father Jack gets out of his interview and Erica is furious with him. What part of “trust no one” doesn’t he get? Father Jack gets in her face – she walked away from him. What was he supposed to do with the information he had? He had to trust someone. Before it gets much further, Paul calls Erica into his office. He keeps wondering why Paul went there alone. Erica claims ignorance, even after Paul accuses her of lying. Finally, he pulls out a recording of her 911 call.

She admits it. Sort of. She says that she suspected Dale of working for the terrorist cell. She thought her partner was the leak but she couldn’t say anything without proof. She went to the warehouse and then called 911 for backup but it never came. Paul says the tape came from the DEA, who had wiretaps on all the calls in the area because of a different investigation. Erica asks for time to prove Dale was a traitor and Paul gives it to her.

Broadcast: Chad hosts a debate on the Vs – pros and cons of establishing relations. Anna watches and is either shocked or amused, I couldn’t tell.

Erica visits Father Jack at his church to apologize. She says if her partner fooled everyone, even his wife, they can’t afford trust. Father Jack is in denial but she tells him that there is no normal anymore, and that they can’t act like there is. He is the only one she knows she can trust. He tells her that he can’t help her anymore. Erica goes on to meet with Dale’s wife/widow. She tells Erica that Dale had a phone just for personal calls. He phoned two numbers: her and one other. She admits that his behaviour changed after the Visitors arrived, but then, so did everyone’s.

Ryan wakes up alone on the floor of the garage. He leaves in a hurry. He arrives home but Valerie is not there. Angelo calls him and tells him that Ryan should take Valerie and head for the hills. He tells Ryan that if he can get Valerie’s information, so can the Vs. And they will not hesitate to use her against him.

Erica brings Dale’s phone records to Paul. Every time the FBI went to nail the terrorist cell, Dale called the second number 30 minutes before the raid. He was a terrorist. Paul can’t believe it. Erica reminds Paul that she was partnered with Dale for 7 years and she didn’t have a clue either. She also doesn’t correct Paul’s impression on what kind of terrorist Dale was. Paul is angry that Dale is still out there. Erica doesn’t think they’ll see his face again.

Tyler shows up for Ambassador duty but is locked out. Lisa tells him that the Council is considering revoking his Ambassador status and that she is in trouble because she recommended him.

Marcus tells Chad that the debate he did was “an abrogation of our agreement.” Chad blows him off, saying that he did them a favour. Yes, he showed pros and cons of the Vs but in the end the Vs approval rating went up. He may not make policy but he does sway public opinion. Chad says that this one was free but in the future, interviews will be on his terms.

Broadcast: Chad announces that the U.S. is beginning to establish diplomatic relations with the Vs. After the broadcast, Anna calls to thank him.

Erica leaves the FBI building and Father Jack is waiting. He decided that she is right and he will fight with her. But they need help. Erica shows him a file she swiped from the task force – every person who ever filed an alien report with the FBI. They will start looking for recruits there.

Ryan returns home. Valerie looks at his arm, which is now almost healed. She notices that a picture on the mantle is upside-down. When she resets it, a notecard drops out. It says “Cyrus” and an address. Ryan says that it is an old friend.

Erica finds Tyler in his room and thanks him for keeping his promise to stay away from the Vs. He shrugs it off, and looks at his picture of Lisa after she leaves. Downstairs, Erica goes over Dale’s file. She shreds his picture – he’s dead so she doesn’t need it.

And above the city, Dale opens his eyes in a medical pod on the mothership.

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