The Legend of Korra Episode 7 Review: Korra vs Equalist Super-Weapons

The Legend of Korra Episode 7 Review: Korra vs Equalist Super-Weapons

Hard Times For KorraThis week, Korra got yet another lesson in how tough the Equalists will be to get rid of. Super-weapons, betrayals — it is not a good time to be the young Avatar. The episode starts with Tarrlok talking at a press conference. He says the Equalists don’t want equality, only war, and that Chief Beifong failed them all and that the police need new leadership. I knew I hated that guy.

Korra rides Naga to go and see Mako and Bolin. The stadium, where they live, is being closed after last week’s trouble and destruction, and they have to move out. Korra has sorted everything so that they can come and live at the Air Temple with her and Tenzin’s family but Asami, the rich girlfriend of Mako, has already invited them to come and live with her, in her daddy’s big mansion. I hate rich kids, but at least Mako and Bolin aren’t back on the streets. In fact, from here on out, it’s the lap of luxury, so Bolin thinks.

Since Asami is there, Korra tries to make a sharp exit but Asami asks her to join them the next day anyway. Korra stalls but Bolin and Pabu’s double act get a chuckle out of her and she agrees to go. Strange birds appear as serious business is shown. Chief Beifong and her cool Metalbending police raid a factory. They find taser-gauntlets and leaflets, Equalist fare. There’s enough evidence to bury Cabbage Corp, apparently.

At the press conference, Beifong states that the investigation is ongoing, but that Cabbage Corp has been closed. Korra goes to the police station and is greeted by Tahno, of all people. He’s a wreck, and despite seeing the best healers, Amon’s bending removal is permanent. Korra is sorry for him, despite what went on between them, and he says that she has to get Amon for him. She agrees with a nod. Tahno is called away by Tenzin and he says goodbye, calling Korra ‘˜Avatar’. Villainous as he was, someone get that guy to a stylist. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Mr Sato is leaving the building after having just been questioned himself about Amon’s attack at the stadium.

At Mr Sato’s house, Pabu and Bolin cannonball into the pool as Mako and Asami look on. Korra appears, noting the guys have settled in. Mako drops the hint that Asami didn’t ask her father about it. She laughs, saying it’s all smoothed over. The she paraphrases the mighty Gibbs’rules (No. 18), saying it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Turns out Asami has good taste in TV. Bolin is loving the mansion life and gets the butler to pat him dry, as well as Pabu. He loves being called master as well but as soon as he’s dry, he jumps back in the pool, much to the butler’s annoyance.

Korra Arrives at the MansionKorra asks what the plan for the day is, be it shopping or makeovers. Bolin votes for makeovers but Asami has something better in mind. She takes them to a racetrack, where her father’s company test out their new models. They’re pretty impressed. Korra reveals the only thing she can drive is Naga so Asami offers to take her for a spin. With Korra in the back, Asami races Generic Arrogant Driver Stock No. 084. Bolin and Mako cheer as Asami showcases her driving skills, winning the race.

Talking next to the car after the race, Korra is amazed. She says she pegged Asami wrong, thought she was prissy (I still do). Asami laughs it off, saying everyone thinks she’s helpless. She points out that she’s been in self-defense classes since she was little. Can anyone else smell a demonstration coming? Korra says Asami’s dad is a smart guy, making sure she could always protect herself.

Back in the house, Bolin races to the bathroom. Korra has to use the women’s powder room upstairs. After washing her hands, Korra eyes up the powder and gives it a go, achieving nothing more than coughing. However, after the coughing has gone, she hears a phone call; the international TV sign of shenanigans. It’s Hiroshi Sato, Asami’s dad; he says that with Cabbage Corp down, they’ll be ready to strike at the end of the week. Korra is shocked and quickly runs out the house, fumbling over her ‘˜having to babysit the Airbender kids’excuse.

At night, she tells Tenzin and Beifong that she thinks Sato framed Cabbage Corp. They’re unsure but she knows what she heard. Beifong knows that Sato has the means, and also a motive. They tell Korra that Sato’s wife, Asami’s mother, was killed twelve years ago in a break-in at their house by a Firebender. They think it’s possible her’s been harboring resentment all these years and Beifong decides to look at him closely.

The three of them enter the Sato mansion the next day. Korra explains to Asami hat her dad might be an Equalist. Mako and Asami are not happy, nor do they believe her. Beifong and Tenzin are in Sato’s office, but Asami bursts in and says just because they’re not Benders, that doesn’t make them Equalists. Mr Hiroshi Sato explains he has nothing to do with Equalists, and Mako agrees but Korra mentions the phone call. Sato laughs it off, citing the Avatar’s overactive imagination, and states it was a business call, nothing nefarious. Tenzin asks if they could look around his factories and warehouses. Asami is not thrilled but Sato calms her; he’s OK with it.

The news report says no evidence has been found, as the Metalbender’s search the factories. Korra can’t believe they’ve found nothing. Asami asks them to leave and Mako pulls Korra aside for an argument. She won’t leave it, saying she knows there’s something up. He thinks she’s just jealous of him and Asami ad says that if she doesn’t drop it, their friendship is over. Korra won’t back down and Mako leaves with Asami.

She’s upset but a man discreetly places a note in her hand. She reads it to Beifong and Tenzin. They have a lead! Under a bridge they meet the note-writer. He joined the Equalist because he believed in Amon, but he didn’t sign up for a war. He tells the three of them that Sato is making a new weapon, in his secret factory under his mansion. They are shocked, but who wouldn’t be?

Korra, Tahno, Tenzin, Beifong & Mr SatoIn the police airship on the way to the mansion, Tenzin and Beifong talk. He thinks it’s risky, what with Tarrlok breathing down her neck. All Beifong cares about is protecting Republic City, and they can’t let Amon get the new weapon. What a woman.

In the mansion, Asami thinks they’re just persecuting her dad. She leads them all to his workshop where she thinks he is, but he’s not there. Beifong thinks that they just can’t see him at the moment. In a very cool moment, she stomps the ground, unsheathing her foot, and ‘˜reads’the floor, just like her mother used to. The screen is reminiscent of how Toph first created Metalbending. It’s also a reminder that all Metalbending cops must be Earthbenders, to be able to use the skill. Nice touch.

Beifong says there’s a tunnel under the workshop leading under the mountain. Asami doesn’t believe her but Beifong Metalbends the cover off of the tunnel entrance. The officers are sent into the tunnel, with one left behind to watch over Asami, Mako and Bolin. The tunnel is a long way down and Korra doesn’t seem too happy about everything. When they arrive at the tunnel, they are greeted with Amon’s face on banners. Korra points out the new weapons; Mecha-tanks! I love this show so much. Just as Tenzin ponders aloud where Sato could be, a giant wall shoots up, blocking their exit.

Upstairs, Bolin wonders what the noise was and Mako says they need to get down there. The guard says no. Mako and Bolin, without a word, go into one of their plays that results in them Firebending and Earthbending, leaving the guard tied up. Mako apologizes but Bolin isn’t as gracious. Asami wants to go down but Mako says he’s going for her. She relents and Bolin and Mako make their way down the tunnel.

In the factory, Beifong cannot Metalbend the giant wall. As Sato’s voice is heard, lights come on and the police, Tenzin and Korra are circled by the Mecha-tanks. Sato mentions that not even Beifong’s renowned mother could bend platinum, which the wall and the Mecha-tanks are made of. Expensive stuff, the guy really does have means; but I bet Toph could have done it. Korra says she knew he was an Equalist but Sato is not a fool, and says he’ll fight from inside the Mecha-tank; it’s more equal! Beifong says the note-giver was a set-up and Sato admits it before attacking.

The Metalbenders work as a unit to try to bring the Mecha-Tanks down. Beifong Earthbends herself onto one of the machines, sprouting Baraka style blades, and she goes to town on it, owning the machine for a while. Korra fights Sato’s Mecha-tank and Tenzin joins her. I have figured why Korra is always using fire to fight. 1, it requires no materials, such as water. 2, the writers want to show that fire is no longer the ‘˜bad’element and 3, she’s a hot-head. I love Tenzin fighting though.

The Metalbenders are eventually electrocuted and Beifong is viciously thrown off the Mecha-tank she was fighting. Korra gets hit from behind and despite Tenzin’s attempts’to cushion her fall, she’s out. It’s left to Tenzin, who does well, but is hit with a taser-bolo. If only he was more aggressive. I can’t wait for Korra to master Airbending.

Korra ScaredSato and the Lieutenant step out of the Mecha-tanks. Sato calls it a near flawless test run and orders the police and friends to be delivered to Amon. Bolin and Mako appear through the floor and after admitting Korra was right, agree they need to do something. They try to sneak Tenzin, Beifong and Korra away but are stopped by Sato, wearing taser-gauntlets and Lieutenant. Bolin uses Tenzin to talk like Pabu earlier but his charms don’t work. An angry Mako points out Sato’s devious covers and Sato says he hid all his intentions. He then adds he hated seeing his daughter with a Firebending street-rat like Mako. (Dem’s fighting words!) Before a fight occurs, Asami appears, telling her dad to stop. She’s distraught. Sato tries to explain that Benders took the love of his life and have ruined the world, but Amon can fix it. He offers her a gauntlet and asks Asami to join them.

Stunned, she takes it as Bolin, Mako and a slowly reviving Korra watch on. Mako says no as Asami puts it on. She tells her dad she loves him but then tasers him. Lieutenant tires to attack but Asami whoops him, way too easily. Wasn’t this the guy that beat Mako and Bolin, assaulted Beifong and duelled with Korra on the roof? That made him look puny, although I knew a demonstration of Asami’s ‘˜self-defence’was coming.

The Mecha-tanks turn and Mako shouts for them to get out. They do and Bolin closes their exit off. In the police airship, Beifong is sad about her Metalbenders on their way to Amon. She says Tarrlok was right and that tomorrow she’ll resign. Tenzin says she shouldn’t give up but she says she’s not; she’s just going to get Amon outside of the law! She is definitely Toph’s daughter.

Mako apologizes to Korra for not believing her, although he thinks the whole thing is still unbelievable. He then has the cheek to ask about living at the Air Temple but Korra is far more forgiving than me, and says yes. She adds that the shell-shocked Asami can come too. Mako thanks her and Korra says that Asami is going to need him. Ah, the mark of the hero, self-sacrifice and loneliness. Forget Mako, Korra, he’ll come around eventually. And there’s always the amazing Bolin.

This week’s episode was great. Not as high-octane as last weeks but it’s still brought the loveable mix of action and story progression that I’ve come to expect from the Avatar franchise. What makes the Equalists so good as the bad guys is they keep winning. They have all their Mecha-tanks, a new rich ally and a host of police hostages whilst Korra has a love-rival living with her. However, I have a theory. Asami is lethal but is also Amon’s girlfriend and undercover agent. They will eventually betray Mako and the surplus-to-requirements Hiroshi Sato and seek to take over the world. A Firebender killed her mother, remember. No-one betrays like a femme-fatal. That’s why Lieutenant took a dive, because Asami taught him, that’s how much of an Equalist she is. Maybe this is all because I don’t like her, although keep in mind, this is Avatar. Don’t be surprised to find a powerful woman at the top of the pyramid. Asami = Amon? Korra, you better get to mastering Airbending sharpish, you’re gonna need everything to beat the Equalists.

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