10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Mighty Magiswords

10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Mighty Magiswords

10 Facts You Didn’t Know about Mighty Magiswords

Mighty Magiswords seems like something that might come up if you were a D&D nut but also lived inside of a cartoon for most of your life. There’s no denying that there’s some whimsical attachment to it that some people seem to love and a kind of perverse fascination with the fact that so many different swords exist to be found and purchased, but it also begs the question as to what the people behind the animation and the story might be on when they come up with the content for their episodes. Seriously, a sword that’s shaped like a buff arm and does who knows what? There have been some seriously messed up D&D items throughout the years but this show seems fit to take such a genre down the Ren and Stimpy Road after hanging a left at Looney Tunes Avenue. That being said it seems to have drawn a lot of positive attention from viewers so it can’t be all bad, but it might definitely be the type of show that you need to really get into, lest you sit there watching it with one eyebrow cocked and wondering just what in the hell has happened to cartoons since the 80’s. Vambre and Prohyas don’t really seem like the most likely pair to wield a sword but obviously the premise dictates that they kind of need to in order for the show to work.

So many things jump to mind when this cartoon comes on, but it’s better to be nice sometimes and just say ‘meh’, while letting people enjoy what they will.

10. There is a magisword for every occasion.

If you don’t believe this then watch the show. The siblings actually have swords that can help them play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. There’s also a boulder sword, a shooting star sword that shoots throwing stars. There is literally no limit to the swords other than the imagination of the creator and those that he works with. Just imagine if you could pull out a money sword that would shoot out $100 bills. It would be a wonder if that hadn’t been created as of yet.

9. This is Arin Hanson’s first recurring role in an animated feature.

He’s also an animation artist for the show so it would seem that he’s pulling double duty. This is kind of easy to explain if the show doesn’t have a lot of people working on it and requires the people who are a part of it to become a little more involved. Or it could be that he just wanted a bigger part in creating the show.

8. David Avidan, the lead singer for the band Ninja Sex Party, is the guy responsible for the theme song. 

It seems fitting that guy that sings for a group called Ninja Sex Party would take an interest in this show at all since the name of his band kind of keeps with the idea of two warriors wandering about hiring themselves out to take on the forces of evil or just get paid. It might not make sense to some people but it should to others.

7. The show started out as an app game for Cartoon Network.

It’s amazing to think of how shows like this get started since some people might think that it was just dumb luck that a guy decided to create something that seems so simply and juvenile and struck it big on a whim. Well to be honest the characters and the idea were part of a series of games that dealt with the magiswords and the idea before they were given their own show.

6. The characters were thought up by their creator in high school but were scrapped. 

A lot of great ideas tend to come to people early in life but aren’t thought to be much once they don’t produce. The downside of this is that some of them never get revamped or even remembered and are lost for good. The upside comes when a person decides that the idea they had that they thought was foolish to begin with might have actually have some merit. Once it gets revived it has a chance to become something.

5. The creator pitched this show to Cartoon Network but was rejected. It was only when he added the magiswords that the network expressed interest.

He actually pitched it first as Legendary Warriors for Hire and wanted Princess Zange and Phil as main characters, but that was shot down. He then tried to pitch it as Dungeons and Dayjobs, boy if that doesn’t sound dirty no matter that it was clean as a whistle. But once the magiswords were added Cartoon Network gave it a greenlight and started making plans on how to make it great.

4. The Great Luke Ski is a part of this show.

Don’t worry too much if you don’t know who that is, the important part is that he pulls more than double duty since he’s a storyboard revisionist, a voice actor, and a writer for the show. That means he’s taking on a lot of the pressure of making this show great and is responsible for a great deal.

3. The creator and Luke Ski host a podcast during which time they discuss animation.

They host this podcast to talk about working at Cartoon Network and what it means to work in animation. You can imagine that their discussions get in depth about their passion and what it takes to make it in the industry since working with animation is not as easy as it might sound.

2. The character design was taken from an anime show that was popular in the 90’s.

The show that the this program was modeled after was called Slayers and it was a manga/anime series that was quite popular in Japan around the 90’s. Thankfully they didn’t take everything from it or they might have been in a great deal of trouble.

1. The kingdom of Riboflavin is obviously taken after a real life supplement. 

Maybe there are a lot of problems with migraines in this kingdom? Who knows, but it seems like kind of a silly thing to name a kingdom. But then again there have been some real doozies when it comes to cartoons.

It’s not the worst cartoon out there (cough cough, Uncle Grandpa, cough cough), but it’s definitely different.

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