Simon Pegg Will Portray a Headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy

Simon Pegg Hogwarts Legacy

credit: Hogwarts Legacy

Simon Pegg will portray Headmaster Black in Hogwarts Legacy, which is interesting. Harry Potter fans may or may not know who Phinaeus Black is, but as part of the Black family, he’s a figure that has some importance in the Potterverse. Pegg is already a big star, so adding him as a voice actor is a big bonus for this game.

However, the fact that he can portray so many different characters has granted him an impressive career. The star of movies such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World Ends has tremendously risen to fame. Attaching him to the Harry Potter franchise feels natural. 

It is interesting to think of how many Harry Potter fans know about Headmaster Black. According to several sources, his portrait hangs in Albus Dumbledore’s office in the movies. This makes sense considering that Black predates the story by nearly two centuries. The difference is, however, that Black is considered one of the worst headmasters ever. 

The reality of this character is that he cares more about the advancement and legacy of his family than his role as headmaster. This is slightly confusing since it makes one think Black should never have become headmasters. But it also proves that things happen that don’t make sense. 

Simon Pegg Hogwarts Legacy

credit: Hogwarts Legacy

Headmaster Black is a strange headmaster

Normally, one might expect to see a headmaster as the type of person who cares about the position and the school. Phinaeus is a miracle. He cares about none of that. He does care about advancing the name of his family and gaining prestige. 

Whether he’s an evil character or not, this sounds like an odd individual to run a school. Comparing him to Dumbledore and even Snape is easy. Dumbledore is one of the greatest headmasters, while even Snape can claim the iron control that Phinaeus might not possess. A headmaster who cares nothing for the school is a character who stands out as an obstacle and an intriguing challenge. 

Pegg has a talent for creating very believable characters, as is easy to note from Ready Player One. His time as the Curator was quite different from Ogden Morrow’s role, making it fun to think of what he’ll do as Headmaster Black. 

Hogwarts Legacy is an interesting game

The game doesn’t release until February 10th, but it still appears quite interesting at this time. The graphics, the gameplay, and the overall story already look and sound amazing. Trying to anticipate what will happen when the game releases is a little tough, but it does feel that this game will debut as one of the best in the Potter legacy. 

Several games exist in the Potterverse at this time, and the LEGO game is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Barring that level of fame, the other games have earned reviews that are fair to middling or downright horrible. Creating a game in the world of Harry Potter is kind of tough since there are so many directions that the game can follow. But with so many ideas, there are a lot of different paths to take. 

Simon Pegg Hogwarts Legacy

credit: Hogwarts Legacy

It’s interesting to think of how far the story will go

It’s fair to say that the story can only go as far back. Seeing a game that shows the founding of Hogwarts feels like the origin point. So far, it doesn’t appear that this is part of the idea pool. Continuing to show the past is an interesting choice. One has to wonder if games will also advance the school’s history. Imagine Hogwarts hundreds of years into the future. 

The talent pool for the voice roles also feels it can expand in a very impressive way. This is already proven with Pegg joining the cast. The voice actors employed for the games have already shown a great deal of skill, meaning that Pegg is bolstering them in a big way. 

Harry Potter’s legacy will continue to live on; that much is quite obvious. 

It feels petty to keep JK Rowling out

This still has to be said. Trying to argue the point of JK Rowling’s lack of involvement in this project feels incredibly petty. There are reasons, without any doubt, that she is being left out of the loop. Those who support the trans community stand their ground and let fans know they are looking out for them. 

However, shutting out the creator of a story is a big risk. Trying to advance a world without the aid of the person who created it is entirely possible. But it is also rather petty considering that without Rowling, this world would not exist. There is no easy answer to this, unfortunately. 

JK Rowling’s

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