Hogwarts Legacy Takes Us Right Into The Wizarding World

Hogwarts Legacy Takes Us Right Into The Wizarding World

Hogwarts Legacy Takes Us Right Into The Wizarding World

If you grew up a Harry Potter fan, then you might have imagined what it would have been like if you attended Hogwarts. I was always fascinated by what J.K. Rowling did with this magical world she created, because her interpretation was unlike any other fictional magical world we have seen. Sure, there were wizards, flying broomsticks and a variety of magical creatures, but everything happened at this magical school that was a combination of an elementary school, a high school, and a prestigious university. Basically, J.K. Rowling took the concept of school itself and made it cooler than ever by turning it into a fantasy world. As we all know, the center of that world revolved around the story of the titular protagonist, Harry Potter.

The adventures of Harry Potter happened all at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is a fictional British boarding school for boys and girls of the ages eleven to eighteen. A seven year education at Hogwarts could win you a good place within the wizarding world, not to mention you’ll learn some awesome spells to go with it. We Harry Potter fans remember these spells all too well and all you need is a wand and a lot of practice.

If you have ever imagined what a Hogwarts education could actually do for you, then look no further. The upcoming role-playing game will be releasing later some time this years. If you think you don’t have a reason to get excited yet, then go check out that trailer for it. Now that was some cool stuff, not to mention it revealed some story details.

The game, known as Hogwarts Legacy, will be set long before the titular hero himself came around to battle Voldemort. I personally think that’s a good thing, but more on that later. I just really have to emphasize that this upcoming Harry Potter game will take you literally everywhere. I’m talking about all the sections of the school itself, and yes, please go talk about those games you’ll be able to play. Aside from Quidditch, players will be able to play very many mini-games that are all a part of the everyday hobby activities for the Hogwarts students. It’s a part of every role-playing game and just a little something to do when we’re not pursuing quests.

Speaking of quests, let’s talk about what the main quest of Hogwarts Legacy will be. I’ll just come right out and say that it has nothing to do with Harry Potter or Voldemort. After seeing about nine movies where it was all about Harry Potter preparing himself for his final battle with Voldemort, I think there was room to tell another major story for the wizarding world. Warner Bros. had an answer that was the two Fantastic Beasts movies and the third one right around the corner.

Now the Fantastic Beasts movies haven’t nearly lived up to the same level as the Harry Potter movies. However, I do appreciate the wizarding world taking us on a new journey and showing us new characters outside of the Harry Potter movies. I think we’ve seen that enough and the wizarding world is big enough where it should show more than just one major character. That is where Hogwarts Legacy will shine and given the time period it is set in, I think we’ll see a different side of Hogwarts we haven’t seen before.

Hogwarts Legacy takes place in the year 1890, about three years before Albus Dumbledore started there. Now that’s where things get even more interesting. I believe for this game to really stand out, it as to take a us to a place in the wizarding world we have yet to have seen. We’ve seen just about every corner in the magical and unseen creature in Hogwarts and when Harry wasn’t dealing with those, he was fighting Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

Based on the trailer that was posted on YouTube not too long ago, it looks like Hogwarts Legacy will ignore the Voldemort stuff completely. Okay, maybe not completely, but if Dumbledore won’t be in the game, then don’t expect the dark lord. I think we should be okay with that, especially since what the trailer revealed. Based on what we have seen in the gameplay trailer, which included creating your own late fifth year student and picking which house he or she will be in, your character will have to fight goblins. Yes, those creepy, irritating little creatures from the movies will be central antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy.

I think that’s a good idea over giving us Voldemort once again. It’s time for something different, although I can imagine fighting some Death Eaters in the game. They would make for some great boss battles, but along with the goblin uprising, your character will have to fight dark wizards, as expected. While the trailer shows your character exploring all the ares of Hogwarts in the beginning of the trailer, the later half gives us a glimpse of what the action will be like. Yes, it does look pretty awesome, and there was a twist in the end.

Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to take your young wizard to take a more darker path. At one point in the trailer, you get to see your character use the killing curse. Now this is where things can get very interesting. If your young wizard does become a dark wizard, will this lead to the foundation of Voldemort’s followers? It very well could, but I’d much rather prefer that it does it’s own thing. I think Hogwarts Legacy looks super fun and the trailer looks like it has a lot to offer. While the release date is still unknown, it will come out sometime later this year. If you’re a Potterhead, I think this game is exactly what you’re looking for.

What are your thoughts, Harry Potter fans? If you haven’t already, check out the trailer on YouTube. It will make you get excited to go to school. Well, at least this magical one.

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