Amanda Peet Vs. Lake Bell: Who’s Had the Better Career?

Amanda Peet Vs. Lake Bell: Who’s Had the Better Career?

It’s kind of tough to give a definitive answer on who has the better career between Lake Bell and Amanda Peet largely because there is a sizable time difference as to when the two ladies started. That they get mistaken for one another repeatedly is easy to see since their features are very similar and when they wear their hair in roughly the same style it requires a second look by a lot of people and a few more by others. There are enough differences to tell them apart however and when they pull a straight face instead of smiling you can tell right away. But when it comes to their careers the biggest thing to note is that Amanda started hers in 1995, and Lake didn’t make her way onto the scene until seven years later in 2002. So if you really want to go into it, Amanda has more experience and therefore has managed to find herself in a few more films and shows that have really benefited her career, but Lake has managed to also forge a path that has allowed her career to flourish.

So let’s go to the tale of the tape and try to make sense of this quandary.

They were both born in New York.

In fact they were both born in New York City, how crazy is that? They both moved around a bit when they were younger and both came from families that were in some way kind of dysfunctional. But while Peet and her family moved to London for a period of four years, Lake and her family stayed put. Eventually though Lake would make her way over to London for college while Amanda would go on towards her career.

They’re both known fairly well for particular roles.

For Amanda it’s roles that paint her as a particularly conniving and strong-willed woman, where Lake is a little more innocent when she plays a role on average and can even be called a little naive in her roles at times. Or rather, her characters are slightly naive. There are a couple of examples below.

Saving Silverman

Amanda has usually played characters that have been a little on the aggressive side both physically and emotionally, as well as mentally. She’s the kind of take charge person that really doesn’t take into account the feelings of others unless they happen to mean something to her. In some of her roles she’s been downright nice, but in others she’s been just completely nasty and mean-spirited. The fact that she can swing both ways on the emotional scale is kind of fun to watch at times because there are moments when you absolutely hate her and moments when you can’t help but love her character just because she’s that good.

Shot Caller

Lake Bell on the other hand doesn’t do conniving or aggressive quite as well as Amanda, but she does emotion very well. The pain and anguish you see on her face during a movie seems so incredibly real that it might even make you start experiencing the same emotions if you’re the type to tear up during a movie. Her talent is a little more muted than Amanda’s it seems, but that’s more of a subjective matter since people see different things when they look at their favorite actors. It is amazing however that from a picture these two look so much alike, but when on film they couldn’t look more different.

Right now Amanda is more fixated on a TV role than film, while Lake seems to be going back and forth.

There comes a time in the career of just about every star when they seem to contemplate their future and might make the switch to TV shows, though some have decided to go back and forth continually. This definitely seems like it would create a very hectic schedule, but many celebs seem to handle it just fine. Right now it would appear that Amanda is putting more energy into TV while Lake is going to be reprising her voice role in The Secret Life of Pets 2 as Chloe. There’s no real way to measure success when it comes to who’s on TV and who’s in the movies, as each industry tends to experience it’s fair share of success and the actors within both seem pretty content and secure in their careers.

In terms of who is the more successful it’s really hard to tell since they both are, at this moment, very much on the top of their game and are finding work at a good pace. If you want to talk about who is the busiest at this time and therefore has the most work it would be Lake. But if you want the most established and the one that has more roles under her belt, that would be Amanda. Otherwise they’re both very accomplished actresses that are entertaining to watch.

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