Should Spawn Have a Cinematic Universe?

Should Spawn Have a Cinematic Universe?
Spawn Movie Finds New Writers for Jamie Foxx Comic Book Adaptation – The  Hollywood Reporter

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It’s tough to deny that any great story shouldn’t get its own cinematic universe these days since the idea of delving deeper into each tale that has merit is extremely tempting so as to bring to life as many characters and settings as possible so that fans can truly immerse themselves in ways that are usually only possible in the comics.

The trouble with some franchises is that while they’re quite popular, one has to wonder if the transition from the panel to the big or small screen is going to be as smooth as people want to see or if it’s going to experience a serious amount of issues along the way. Spawn has been a popular idea since the 90s and has had its fair share of problems and stalls since appearing in the comics in 1992.

It’s amazing to think that it took only five years after his release to be given a movie, but it does feel, in retrospect, that it was way too soon for such a thing. Fast-forward a couple of decades, and people are starting to call for another Spawn movie, but now it would appear that some folks want this character to have his own cinematic universe. 

Todd McFarlane talks about his first Spawn team book and the culmination of  the 'Year of Spawn' | GamesRadar+

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Are people ready for a Spawn cinematic universe?

It sounds as though folks are ready to see a Spawn reboot hit the big screen, but how ready are they to see the rest of Spawn’s messed-up world? The caped anti-hero has amassed a few different enemies and allies over the years, but it’s fair to think that a lot of people have no idea what’s in store for such a universe since, while the comics have been popular enough, Spawn hasn’t really seen the mainstream in the same manner as many other comics, no matter that his popularity has been able to remain fairly steady over the years.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t had enough of a cinematic presence to warrant his own universe at this time, but things could be changing since it might be deemed time for another great story to come along that could capture the attention of the people, especially if there’s a feeling that comic book movies are becoming a little lackluster.

Opinions are divided on this, to be fair, but the plan to make a cinematic universe feels like something that could bear fruit if a person was smart enough to figure out to make it work and, of course, not rush into it without a solid plan. 

How many characters could be introduced into this universe?

Taking a look at how many characters exist in Spawn’s world, it’s easy to think that it could be sustained for a while to come since there are enough characters, enough plot arcs to explore in detail, and enough of a story to keep things rolling for a good long while.

Spawn could keep the franchise going for long enough to make this worth it, but it does feel as though the story could go dry at some point if it’s not given the proper treatment. If it’s any indication, Spawn’s story could go dry at some point since it’s already been proven that the manner in which the character is treated and how how they’re received tend to go hand in hand.

A lot of people still love Spawn and want to see more of him and the universe to which he belongs, but the shadow of the 1997 movie and the fact that he’s appeared as a guest in a few video games throughout the years is hard to get over. At this point, the comics remain the one bright spot in this franchise that people can still rely on. 

Todd McFarlane explains why his new comics universe 'cannot be' just about  Spawn | SYFY WIRE

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It feels as though it might gain a solid fanbase. 

To make this clear, the comics already earned the existing fanbase, but if the next movie managed to create a likable and stunning image for this anti-hero and the many different characters and settings that come with him, it’s very likely that he could end up being the type of idea that might be seen as one of the best that this current era has to offer.

Al Simmons does come off as a rather simple character that might not warrant as much attention as others since he is an assassin that tries to lead a normal life with the woman he loves, which is something that a lot of people should be able to agree is a very well-known trope. But if told in a manner that might actually gain a bit of empathy for the character, not sympathy, then it could work, and it could be a way to bring more fans to the franchise. 

Whether it would last for as long as people might want is debatable. 

This kind of depends on how the story is going to be treated and whether or not it’s going to be given the chance to last longer than a few movies. There’s plenty of material that can be used to make this happen, but whether the plan is to make the best use of it as possible or simply add in the kind of flash and half-hearted storylines that have been seen before will make the difference between success and another flop. 

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