10 Things You Didn’t Know about Shayna Taylor

Shayna Taylor is an American chef and entrepreneur. She is also known for being the girlfriend of Ryan Seacrest. Here are ten things about her that you may not know.

1. She Has Attended Culinary School

When she finished high school she studied at culinary school in Los Angeles. She had always had an interest in cooking and so wanted to pursue a career as a chef. After she graduated from the school she started working as a personal chef. She would create recipes and cook for people in their own homes, and this gave her more freedom to be creative than if she had worked in a restaurant.

2. She Has Her Own Website Called Shayna’s Kitchen

She started the website as a way to share her recipes, but it soon grew into a lot more than this. She gets a lot of messages asking about the diet that she follows, and so there are a lot of recipes that can be found on the site. She now also covers topics on all aspects of health and wellness, as well as lifestyle and travel. She wants the advice that she gives to be accessible to as many people as possible. This means that everything she recommends on the site is widely available for purchase and does not tend to be expensive.

3. She Used To Be A Model

She has worked as a model in the past, but it soon became obvious to her that this was not what she wanted to do with her life. She told Good Housekeeping that she has never done well with people telling her what to do. Her parents were both entrepreneurs and from a young age she knew that she wanted to follow in their footsteps. Apart from her time as a model, she has always worked for herself and this is something that is likely to continue in the future.

4. Her Interest In Wellness Comes From Her Own Health Issues

She has experienced a number of health issues that have made her think about the types of food that she should be eating. She has auto-immune problems and some issues with digestion. She has always had to be careful with her diet but this has also shown her that eating the right foods can make a real difference to people’s health. It has also inspired her to look for alternatives to taking medication that is prescribed by doctors.

5. She First Met Ryan In A Restaurant In LA

She first met Ryan when they were eating in the same restaurant in LA. Someone that Ryan was with knew someone from Shayna’s group and Ryan was attracted to her straight away. He got his friend to text the person that they knew who was sitting with Shayna to try and find out if she was single. It took her a while to realize what was going on and in the end one of her friends had to text her to tell her that Ryan was interested. She has said that even though she was aware of who he was, she was not overly starstruck the first time that she met him.

6. She Moved To New York With Ryan

Despite the fact that their relationship had always been on again – off again, she made the decision to move from Los Angeles to New York with Ryan. After she was more settled in New York she took the opportunity to further her career. She became certified in holistic nutrition and she now uses this approach to guide her in her recipe development. She has also made several appearances on Live With Ryan and Kelly where she has shared some of her recipes and this has helped to raise the profile of the Shayna’s Kitchen website.

7. They Have Split Up Briefly Before Getting Back Together Three Times

Page Six reports that the couple acknowledge that they have not always had the easiest of relationships. He revealed on Live With Ryan and Kelly that they had broken up and gotten back together three times in total. However, this time around they seem a lot happier than they have been before. In recent Instagram posts that they have both made, they have both talked about the fact that they see their future as being together.

8. She Has Two Dogs Called Oliver And Panda

She is a proud dog mommy to two dogs named Oliver and Panda. She often shares photos of her dogs with her fans on Instagram. They both have their individual personalities and Shayna likes to share the stories of what they get up to on her social media. From the photos and posts that she shares, it is clear that they both love her as much as she loves them.

9. She Has Recently Started Her Own Business Called Bottle & Stone

One of her most recent projects is the new wellness business she has started called Bottle & Stone. The company produce CBD based remedies that are all organic. This is a project that she had been working on for many years before the company actually opened for business, as she explains on the company website. She wanted to make sure that the hemp extract that was used in her products was of the highest quality, and she was happy to take the time to make sure she was really happy with the plants that were used.

10. Gardening Is One Of Her Favorite Ways To Relax

When she wants to relax she will usually spend time doing some gardening. She has said that she can easily spend all day in the garden because once she is out there, she loses track of time. She feels that getting close to nature is one of the best ways to release stress and get rid of negative emotions. She also tries to fill her home with fresh flowers and plants so that she can experience the same benefits even when she is indoors.

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