7 Things You Didn’t Know About Shane Madej

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Shane Madej
7 Things You Didn’t Know About Shane Madej

Shane Madej is known to most YouTube paranormal activity audiences for his work on Buzzfeed Unsolved. For most skeptics and unbelievers of ghosts and spirits, Madej is easily their favorite host of the web documentary series. He’s as gifted and creative off-screen as he is on-screen.

Madej is a producer, writer, and actor. He’s one of Hollywood’s youngest creative minds with several successful shows to show for it. Here are 7 things you probably didn’t know about Shane Madej.

1. He Has Multi-Ethnic European Ancestry

Shane Madej

Shane Madej was born in Schaumburg, Illinois, on May 16, 1986. His parents are Mark and Sherry Madej, and he has an older brother, Scott Madej. Shane comes from a rich European ancestry. Although an American, Madej has ancestral roots in Eastern and Northwestern Europe. He also has German and Polish ancestry.

2. Shane Madej’s Early Years

Shane Madej

Shane Madej spent all of his growing years in Schaumburg, Illinois. He attended Schaumburg High School and took German language classes throughout his four years there. This makes him fluent in the German language. Unlike many High Schoolers, Madej did his best to blend in. Although he was in a band, he didn’t play sports or have a girlfriend until he was a senior (which lasted only a few months).

Madej has always had a passion for the performing arts. As a young boy, he would reenact Saturday Night Live skits and record them on his parent’s Handicam. In High School, he participated in a Mr. Saxon talent show. He wore a Lederhosen while performing magic tricks and singing the Saxon Spirit song in German. Unsurprisingly, he won the competition and the title of Mr. Saxon. After High School, he attended Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois.

3. He Is Close Friends With Ryan Bergara

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej

Shane Madej first met Ryan Bergara when they were both interns at Buzzfeed. Their creative minds drew them closer as they worked on similar projects. Buzzfeed Unsolved was their first successful show together, along with Brent Bennett. Bennett stayed with them for the first year when the show premiered in 2016. Madej and Bergara continued to anchor the show until its last episode in 2021. Before the web series aired its last season, Madej, Bergara, and Steven Lim co-founded and launched their own company, Watcher Entertainment, in January 2020.

4. He Doesn’t Believe In Paranormal Activities

Shane Madej selfie

It may come as strange to non-viewers of Buzzfeed Unsolved that one of the show’s hosts does not believe in ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities. However, Shane Madej’s skepticism of the supernatural is one of the intriguing and entertaining aspects of the show. On one end, there’s Ryan Bergara, a staunch believer in the supernatural, then Madej, unfazed and will find logical explanations for each occurrence. Ryan Bergara once hosted an interview with Madej in a Haunted House to see if he would get scared easily. Madej’s calm demeanor throughout the show not only surprised Bergara but fans who admit he truly has no fear of (or reacts slowly to) the paranormal.

5. Other TV Shows Shane Madej Has Starred In

Shane Madej on S.W.A.T.

Shane Madej debuted on television in 2015. He appeared as a guest star in Zack & Justin. He played Clark Gable in an episode of The Try Guys (2017). Madej co-starred in the animated comedy with Ryan Bergara, playing various characters in The Hot Daga (2017). Besides his work on his co-owned shows, Mystery Files (2023) and Puppet History (2020–2023), he also appeared in S.W.A.T. (2020) and The Everything Now Show (2023).

6. Shane Madej’s Work As A Producer And Writer

Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara Buzzfeed Unsolved

Most of his work has been as a producer. As a talented video editor, Shane Madej has spent most of his career working behind the camera. His first credit as a producer was in 2017, as the lead producer of the TV series Ruining History (2017). He executive produced the TV movie, Tourist Trapped: Los Angeles (2020) and TV series Spooky Small Talk (2020). His other credits are works with Buzzfeed and his company’s new shows and podcasts. As a writer, he also contributes content for shows he hosts or produces.

7. Shane Madej Is Dating Sara Rubin

Shane Madej and Sara Rubin

Shane Madej and Sara Rubin have been dating since 2015. They met at Buzzfeed, where Rubin worked as a Video Producer. Shane Madej and Sara Rubin became engaged in January 2023, as shared on their Instagram pages.

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