Scream Review: The Stage Gets Set for the Finale in “Heavenly Creatures”

Scream, "Heavenly Creatures"

With only two episodes left this season on Scream, it’s time for some answers. Let’s take a look at the latest fresh hell to grip Lakewood in this week’s new episode, “Heavenly Creatures.”

The episode opens with the killer breaking into Emma’s home in the middle of the night, brandishing a knife. We’ve known all season that this has been happening, but this is the fist time we actually witness it, and, speaking as someone whose biggest fear is home invasion, it’s done in an absolutely terrifying way. The killer bolts, but not before leaving a necklace on the doorknob for Emma.

Tensions are still high between Kieran and Eli as the former leaves in the middle of the night to go check on his girlfriend after the incident is reported. As he comforts Emma, Maggie and the sheriff discuss who could be responsible other than Brandon James (who they both suspect may actually be alive). It’s crazy to think this could actually be the case, but, at this point, it’s hard to suspect otherwise. That is, at least until we find out that someone new may have been in Lakewood sooner than anyone knew.

Meanwhile, Noah is in a terrible place after the death of Zoe. As much as I loved seeing their relationship evolve, I’m also really enjoying this side of Noah, too. John Karna has been delivering a fantastic performance for two seasons now, and I continue to be amazed every time we get to see a new aspect of the character.

The bulk of the episode deals with Kieran, Emma, and Audrey investigating the newest suspect in the murders. With each and every turn the trio makes, more incriminating evidence is uncovered that completely makes it seem like we’ve found out who the killer is. Adding to the mystery, though, is a mysterious video that’s uploaded to Noah’s podcast by someone hacking into his computer. This video (which I absolutely love in context, by the way) doesn’t quite seem like something our suspect could do, so the likelihood of multiple accomplices rushes back into play in a big way.

The episode ends with another major death, and, just like Zoe’s death a week ago, this one should have huge ramifications on the finale of the season (and into the next season, should there be one). It also serves to incriminate Emma and Audrey, taking them out of play while the rest of the group has to solve this mystery once and for all. There are some major chess pieces moved around in “Heavenly Creatures,” and the season finale in just a few short days has the potential to be more explosive than anything we’ve seen yet.

What did you think about the penultimate episode of Scream‘s second season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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