Scream Movies Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

For over 25 years, Scream has been one of the most popular modern slasher film franchises, introducing the world to the iconic Ghostface character (voiced by Roger L. Jackson). Ghostface, has since gone on to become part of pop culture and many Halloween costumes over the years. During this time there have been six movies, a TV series, parody movies, and even Ghostface being immortalized in TV shows outside the franchise including The Simpsons, as well as video games such as Dead By Daylight, Call of Duty, and Among Us.

The franchise’s continued success has hinged on its cast’s dynamic performances, it’s topical meta commentary, and its ability to deliver a fun and chaotic viewing experience every time. But how does each Scream movie rank against the others? Here is every Scream movie (so far) ranked from worst to best according to Rotten Tomatoes’ critics scores.

6. Scream 3 (41%)

Scream Movies Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

Scream 3 was originally intended to be the final movie in a trilogy of films before the series ended, and it was the right choice to not make any more. Despite the popularity of positive reviews of the first two movies, for some reason, Scream 3 fell completely flat, leading to its low rank on this list. It tried to recapture what made the first movies great but never quite hit the mark. Following its release, the franchise would end for a decade until it was revived by Wes Craven in 2011.

5. Scream 4 (60%)

Scream movies ranked - scream 4

After a decade-long hiatus, Craven brought the Scream franchise back for the final movie he directed before his death in 2015. Scream 4 saw the series more or less return to form, recapturing some of the magic seen in the originals while also modernizing it to focus on newer technology such as social media. Had Craven been able to continue working on the series we have no doubt that the franchise would have returned to its former glory given time. Unfortunately, following Craven’s death the series would once again go on another decade-long hiatus, although a TV series (2015 – 2019) aired between Scream 4 and the reboot.

4. Scream 2022 (76%)

Scream Movies Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

Scream (2022) removed the number 5 from the name with the intention of rebooting the franchise after a decade-long break following Craven’s death in 2015. But, this was changed when it came to the next movie in the franchise which added the number 6 to its title. The most notable part of Scream (2022) is the introduction of actors like Jack Quaid, Melissa Barrera, Jenna Ortega, Mason Gooding, Jasmin Savoy Brown, and more. The film’s stars have gone to become notable actors in their own right. Actors Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and David Arquette reprise their iconic roles as Sidney, Gail, and Dewey, but this marks the final appearance of Sidney and Dewy for varied reasons. Despite surviving, Campbell chose not to return as Sidney Prescott in Scream VI due to the low monetary offer for her role.

3. Scream VI (77%)

Scream movies ranked - scream 6

After the series took a nosedive before it went on hiatus, the future seemed bleak for the Scream franchise. Thankfully, it looks like the break was needed as so far the rebooted series has gone from strength to strength. Scream VI feels more like a reboot compared to the previous movie due to the writers no longer relying on past characters to drive the franchise forward in the future, with Sidney Prescott and Dewey Riley not being present for the first time, although Cox’s character Gale Weathers is still part of the movie. If this is what the future of Scream looks like then we’re excited to see where it goes in the future.

2. Scream (80%)

Scream Movies Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

Scream is a rather unique take on the slasher film genre, with it being satirical in nature at times, making the viewers aware that the characters know about the genre and its traits with how the killers operate. This is done without making the movie a comedy, although a comedy parody of the film was released called Scary Movie, which is also highly recommended. Despite being a fairly low-budget movie, it was able to secure some notable cast members, including Drew Barrymore who personally requested a role in the film, and Cox who had become a superstar due to her portrayal of Monica in Friends.

1. Scream 2 (82 %)

Scream movies ranked - scream 2

Scream 2 is the highest-rated movie in the franchise with 82%, narrowly beating the first movie. Scream laid the foundations and captivated audiences with the now iconic Ghostface killer, and then the creators took the framework and improved upon it in every way in Scream 2. Many of the surviving characters return, this time with more depth and development. When it comes to the kills, the writers took the best kills of Scream and elevated them further. Scream 2 is a great example of a sequel outshining the original which is why it ranks high on the list. Both Scream 1 and 2 are must-see movies for horror/thriller fans.

Honorable Mention – Scream TV Show (61%)

Scream Movies Ranked According To Rotten Tomatoes

Following the release of Scream 4 in 2011, a TV series of the show was created to moderate success. Despite the series releasing following the death of Craven, he is still credited in the show and did work on the first season helping to bring the ideas together and approve ideas, although he wasn’t actively involved in the production. The series would continue for three seasons before being canceled in 2019, making way for the film franchise to be rebooted in 2022.

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