Is This How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended?

Is This How Star Wars Rogue One Should Have Ended?

There’s no denying the box office success of Star Wars Rogue One nor the potential of other standalone Star Wars spinoff films.  While it’s tough to predict how the Han Solo movie is going to fare, most people are pretty optimistic.  However, despite the success of “Rogue One” people still have to remember it was only the first.  And when a first attempt at a standalone Star Wars is attempted, no matter how great it may be, there will inevitably be flaws.   While we wait on Rogue One to come out on DVD on March 24th and Blu-Ray on April 4th let’s enjoy a little parody before we own the film, shall we?

The creators over at “How It Should Have Ended” wanted to get a head start on tackling the first standalone Star Wars spin-off from Disney and Lucasfilm.  They wasted absolutely zero time in this parody video noting how the film lacked an opening crawl, a staple of all Star Wars movies.   Also, how it would have been much easier to just include one than it was for them to make a computer generated Grand Moff Tarkin.  Then they just continue poking holes at the movie while eventually leading to their conclusion of how the movie really should have ended.

Check out the full clip below:

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