The Five Best Ryan Gosling Movies of His Career

The Five Best Ryan Gosling Movies of His Career

Ryan Gosling has become something of an icon over the years and in many cases has been the kind of guy that women swoon over since he is quite handsome and does have that calm, cool, and collected act down pat. To think that he came from The Mickey Mouse Club when he was just as kid and became a movie megastar is something that a lot of people tend to whistle over since a lot of child stars do move on with their lives after the fame wears off during the years between childhood and adulthood. Some of them obviously make it big however and Gosling is a great example since a good number of the movies he’s been in have been given the kind of notice you would expect from blockbusters. Even those that didn’t do well in the box office are still hailed as some of his best performances.

Here’s a few of the movies in which he was seen to be particularly good in his role.

5. Gangster Squad

Despite the fact that the movie isn’t really that historically accurate it still gave people a thrilling look at gangster Mickey Cohen and the choke hold he laid on Los Angeles in its early days. The Gangster Squad was never really credited with Cohen’s demise but the movie itself is kind of interesting since it takes a good look at just how vicious Cohen really was and how dedicated to the cause of bringing him down the squad had to be. They essentially had to step outside the law in order to serve its most important principles and do things that no other police unit could legally do then or now.

4. The Big Short

It’s funny to think that some people thought that Gosling’s character was the protagonist in this whole story but in truth he was the furthest thing away from being the good guy. He was more or less the guy that wanted to get the big payout and make his way back into obscurity once the housing bubble burst and a lot of people were left with virtually nothing. This was a dark day in the history the US and it’s still one that rests uneasily in the back of many peoples’ mind since it affected so many on such a broad scale. Of course near the end of the film he fully admits to not being the good guy, just like he never claimed to be.

3. The Notebook

What’s amusing about this film apart from a few other things is that reportedly Gosling and Rachel McAdams couldn’t stand each other for much of the time. In fact they would get into shouting matches on set it’s been said and yet for the scenes they had together they had to be intimate quite a bit. How in the world would anyone stand being so close to someone that they couldn’t stomach? It’s the job obviously, but it’s also apparent that they mended those fences at some point and tried to make a go of a relationship, but obviously that didn’t work either. It’s just interesting to think that the two leads couldn’t get along when the camera wasn’t rolling.

2. La La Land

Love stories seem to be Gosling’s thing, and he does seem to act with Emma Stone a bit as the two have been in at least a couple of movies together where it’s been shown that they do have on screen chemistry. Of course the love story kind of goes awry when it’s discovered that he is willing to play the kind of music that doesn’t inspire him while she keeps bombing out while trying to be an actress. Sometimes it doesn’t take much for two individuals to realize that while they enjoy being around one another they really don’t have as much in common as they thought they did, even if they can’t help but dream about what it could be like with each other.

1. Drive

There’s almost always a complication or two, or three, in a movie like this. The guy that no one really knows about has a soft spot for someone that could potentially be in trouble and thereby gets himself involved in something he should have stayed away from. But things tend to work out when the guy for hire sees things coming and gets the drop on those that are trying to take him out. Apart from that the film is one of those that is pure thrill and a little comedy here and there to make it interesting since too much action without a break somewhere in the midst of it all could be kind of boring. It does happen.

Ryan Gosling has turned a lot of heads in his career thus far and seems content to keep doing so as the years pass.

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