The Top Seven Characters That Should be in Thor: Love and Thunder

Who would’ve thought that Thor would be the one Avenger to get his fourth solo movie? That’s right, Marvel fans, Thor: Love and Thunder is scheduled to be released on November 5th, 2021. It seems that not even the destruction of Asgard can keep Thor away from flying into the big-screen, and that’s good for us. Why is that? Well, unlike his fellow Avengers, Thor’s story involves a much bigger universe. Thor’s very inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe opened the door to a much wider universe filled with colorful characters and unique worlds. Thor: Ragnarok introduced the garbage planet of Sakaar and it’s ruler, The Grandmaster. It even included Korg and Miek, two unique aliens that became good friends to Thor. In short, the Thor movies brought the best kind of variety and diversity to the MCU.

This is the exact reason why Thor: Love and Thunder is such an important installment. Since details on the film are kept under wraps, we can’t tell where Thor’s adventures will take him. However, there are still many characters from the Thor comics that have yet to make an appearance in the MCU, something that’s much needed. Thor has a history of crossing paths with bizarre characters that would make great additions to the MCU. Some would be great friends to him, while others would serve as menacing villains, but now is the time to debut them. That being said, here are the top ten characters that should be in Thor: Love and Thunder.

7. Dario Agger/Minotaur

It’s been recently rumored the Christian Bale is being eyed for a part in Thor: Love and Thunder. If there’s one character he can play it’s this Hulk-like villain. Dario Agger is the CEO of the Roxxon Energy Corporation, and besides being a sleazy businessman, he can also transform into a Minotaur. He is a fairly new addition to Marvel Comics, making his debut in Jason Aaron’s Mighty Thor run, the series where Jane Foster picks up the hammer and becomes the new “Thor.” Since Taika Waititi confirmed that Aaron’s run on Thor would be the basis for Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s very likely that Natalie Portman’s Thor will go up against Minotaur. Just imagine Bale in his Patrick Bateman persona, but then he transforms into a Minotaur.

6. Ares

Should the MCU stop their inclusion of deities at the Norse gods? In Marvel Comics, the mighty gods of Olympus are also flexing their arms. One of the most notable ones is the God of War, otherwise known as Ares. In the comics, Ares is described as a “Thor and Wolverine” molded into one, given that he is a ferocious fighter and a literal god. If Ares is included in Thor: Love and Thunder, he can either appear as a friend to Thor or a bitter rival. He’s also another character that Bale can play, considering his reputation for transforming his body for roles. Debuting Ares in the film would also open the door to the Greek gods, which might seem redundant, but since Asgard is destroyed, Olympus would be a suitable replacement.

5. Serpent/Cul Borson

Here’s a character that would serve the film well as a menacing villain. Serpent or Cul Borson, is the brother of Odin and the uncle of Thor, as well as being the God of Fear. He first appeared in the 2011 Fear Itself run, where he was freed from being trapped beneath the ocean for many years. Given his status as a legit god and the actual brother of Odin, Cul Borson would make an intimidating villain for Thor and an especially personal one. Sure, he would be similar to Hela, since he would be a lost family member imprisoned by Odin and eager to claim the throne, but the difference with him would be the lack of a throne to take. If he appears when Odin is already dead and Asgard is destroyed, then his lust for vengeance would be even greater. Thor already had his psycho sister to deal with, so why not put him against his crazy uncle?

4. Balder the Brave

Thor’s family extends to a long reach. One of the most vital characters from the comics the MCU has yet to introduce is his half-brother, Balder. Unlike Loki, Balder is directly related to Thor, making him a suitable replacement for the brother dynamic Loki had with Thor. Another thing that separates him from Loki is that Balder was always a faithful companion to Thor, even ruling Asgard in Odin’s place when he went missing. Yes, he would be another long-lost sibling to Thor like Hela, but this sibling is actually a good one. After everyone that Thor has lost, he could some true brotherly love.

3. Beta Ray Bill

This Korbinite warrior is a unique kind of character. He is one of the few characters in Marvel who is worthy of wielding Mjolnir, but is the true wielder of Stormbreaker. He is widely requested by fans to make his debut, but he was already teased when we saw his horse-like face plastered on The Hulk’s tower in Thor:Ragnorak. This pretty much confirms that his official on-screen debut will happen soon, and if he does appear in the next Thor movie, we can expect a good fight scene.

2. Hercules

Now here is a character that would surprisingly suit Christian Bale well. Sure, Bale is no strongman, but the guy has made a career out of transforming his body for roles. What would make this character great for Bale is that Hercules is known for being a reckless, pompous, and sometimes simple-minded hero. In the comics, he is a borderline alcoholic, which causes him to make many serious mistakes when he’s fighting crime. Bale has played characters like this before, like Dicky Eklund from The Fighter, and Ken Miles from the recent Ford vs. Ferrari. A bulked up Christian Bale playing a hotheaded Hercules and squaring off with Thor? We’ll take it.

1. Enchantress

And finally the character that should without a doubt be the main antagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder. In the comics, the first Enchantress is an Asgardian woman named Amora, who’s main goal is to seduce Thor and have him for herself. She is also a trickster and a user of dark magic, making her a dangerous foe. Since Jane Foster is confirmed to become a new Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, Enchantress would serve as a great villain to both her and Thor himself. If she wants to seduce Thor, but Jane stands in her way, it can lead to some great conflict. Perhaps Marvel should talk to Kate Beckinsale for the role?

Now the chances of Taika Waititi including ALL of these characters in the film would be pretty tough, but these are certainly the characters he should look into. He probably already does have some of them in mind, but we have good reason to be excited for whatever he plans on doing. Thor: Love and Thunder is just a year away from release, so we got plenty of time to bet on who will be making their big debut to the MCU. What are your thoughts?

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