Scandal Celebrates Episode 100 With Epic Party and Cake

Scandal Celebrates Episode 100 With Epic Party and Cake

On Saturday, the cast and crew of Scandal celebrated the upcoming 100th episode of the show.  Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, and the entire cast and crew of Scandal including their families attended the part. Debbie Allen and Ava DuVernay, both of whom have directed episodes of Scandal, also made an appearance.

At the party, Variety interviewed Shonda Rhimes and the cast about their favorite on set memories and where they thought their characters were headed. They were even asked about the possibility of a crossover with Grey’s Anatomy or How To Get Away with Murder. (Shonda Rhimes said “no” about Grey’s Anatomy because the Grey’s universe and the Scandal universe have different presidents. However, she didn’t say anything about How To Get Away With Murder.)

When asked about their favorite episodes, Jeff Perry and Guillermo Diaz both picked “752,” whilst Darby Stanchfield picked the pilot, Bellamy Young picked “The Lawn Chair”  and last week’s episode. Kerry Washington picked “752,” “The Trail,” and the 100th episode. Shonda Rhimes said there were too many to pick from.

Additionally, on Sunday, Scandal tweeted a picture of the cake to celebrate 100 episodes of Scandal.

On it, we see a glass of red wine, Olivia’s white handbag, a bottle of wine, Olivia’s white hat, and a power drill, which Huck has used in the past when he tortures people. In the back is a photograph of the White House, and in the center is the Scandal logo with “100” written underneath it.

Are you excited for episode 100 of Scandal? Ready to see the whole universe get turned on its head? “The Decision” airs this Thursday, April 13th.

Check out the photos below:

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