10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicole-Robles

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicole-Robles

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Nicole-Robles

Animated series are popular television programs, and both adults and children can sit down and enjoy the shows. Technological advancements in film have ensured the images and videos on the animated shows are of top quality. When it comes to animations, there is one figure that we might overlook, the voice actor/actress. They are essential figures in giving the film its life. Among the notable voice actresses is Sarah Nicole-Robles. Robles has lent her voice to various projects, mostly the Disney based ones. You may have noticed her distinct voice on multiple shows or seen her taking up acting roles. If you want to know more about this actress, then you are in the right place as we take you down through ten things you probably did not know about her.

1. Early Life

One standout thing about Sarah Nicole- Robles is that she is entirely private about her personal life. As such, there is little details about her. According to Grey’s Fandom, a fan website focusing on Grey’s Anatomy, Nicole-Robles was born on the 1st of March 2001. This makes her some months shy of her 19th birthday. She was born in New Jersey, where she grew up and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2015. There is no information on her parents and whether she has siblings.

2. Her Career

Nicole started her career when she was young, roughly 14 years in 2015. She began with commercials and voice-over works, most of which are evident from the resume section of her website. Among the first works that introduced her to the entertainment sector is a Picture Farm commercial. She started her voice-over stint with Make A Happy Home. From this point, she established herself as a key voice actor with many gigs coming her way.

3. In Film And Television

Nicky, as is her nickname, got her first exposure to film and television as early as ten years. It is probably the push factor that led her to appreciate and later on join the entertainment industry. In 2011, she got a role in Moment Media’s 17 Days as Jessica. She also had a role in 2014 on Not Anymore. The exposure to film and the acting scene, in general, sowed seeds for her budding voice over career.

4. Education And Training

Still, in keeping up with her low key persona, not much information is available on where she schooled. Though, on her official site, under the resume sections, she puts down Carnegie Mellon University as her Alma matter. She also puts down her course of study as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama. Such a career path is bound to bear fruits for her goals in the acting industry and even push her to corporate levels. Among the workshops she attended include one in Vassar, the Powerhouse Theatre on stage and film training program.

5. Relationships

As we know by now, Sarah Nicole-Robles is a private person with the details of her life away from the camera being under wraps. On her relationships, there is no information on who she is presently dating, with some sites indicating that she is single. It may as well be a way to keep the public eye away from her life.

6. Special Skills Under Her Wings

To make it in whichever niche of your choice, having exceptional skills is one way to take you to the top of the pack. It is a statement that rings true for Sarah Nicole as she possesses a variety of skills relevant to her voice acting stint. The abilities include having various accents, being fluent in conversational Spanish, and also singing. They are essential to her, and they lend her an essence of versatility, and she can bring out several roles to life. The skills also open doors to more opportunities for her in the acting scene.

7. Her Hobbies

When she is away from the voice acting booth, Nicky loves to sing. Her singing ability is evident even in film roles where her characters may burst into a melodic session. The smooth vocals can translate to a career in the music industry should she consider such a transition. She also loves getting into decorations and also doing research. Talking of research, the love extends and meets with her other passion, reading books. New foods and scary movies are also her hobbies the same to exploration and acquisition of new gadgets.

8. Her Filmography

An actress’ filmography is a show of her experience in the various roles she took since her career took off. Sarah Robles is quite young, and she already has a decent number of projects in her name. According to IMDb, among her notable features include Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, I Ship It and The Fosters. Being versatile, more roles are coming her way where she can demonstrate her expertise and also grow her career.

9. Her Love For Nature And Animals

As from her sites about section, Nicky indicates that she loves nature and animals. She is dedicated to their goodwill, and there is a chance that she takes part in lobbies for their preservation and rights, respectively. It is a good move that demonstrates her sense of responsibility to whatever nature has for us.

10. On Social Media

On social media, Nicole-Robles is relatively active, having handles on Twitter and Instagram. She has almost 700 followers on Instagram with a handful of posts, with some being her snaps. On twitter, she has 247 followers. A look at her numbers, and you get the picture of how much reclusive she is to the public eye.


Sarah Nicole-Robles is one of the behind the scene figure that provides the voices behind some of your favorite animated shows. She is quite on the down-low when it comes to her personal life, but we have made a move to let you into some of her details. Try to looking up some of her projects to appreciate her voice that brings several of our favorite characters to life.

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