10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rupali Ganguly

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rupali Ganguly

She certainly has a memorable name, but she’s more than just the name she was given at birth. She’s a television actress from India, and she’s good at what she does. She’s also a reality star, and she’s been in the industry for a very long time. Rupali Ganguly is a woman worth getting to know a little better, and many of her fans are hopeful we can provide them with some more information that they did not previously have.

1. She’s in Her 40s

This often shocks those who didn’t know in advance. It’s understandable. She’s incredibly youthful and lovely, and she certainly doesn’t look like someone who is in her 40s. She was born on April 5, 1977 in Kolkata, which is in India.

2. Her Father is Famous

She was born into the home of a very famous man. Her father is famed director Anil Ganguly. He’s been in the business for a very long time making hit after hit after hit. His career choice likely inspired his daughter as she was working on deciding what she might want to do as an adult.

3. She Studied Something Other Than Acting

When it was time to go to school and further her education, she made the decision to do something unexpected. She did study acting, but she also studied a different type of work, too. She learned all about Hotel Management, though she’s never had to use anything she learned in that program.

4. She is Married

She got married back in 2013. Her husband is Ashwin K. Verma. Their wedding date if February 6, 2013. Together, they have a little boy. They call him Rudransh Verma. He’s currently around 7, and his mother says he is the most important person in her life.

5. She’s Been Acting a Long Time

She’s been acting since she was only seven. Of course, her father was certainly in the business of being able to get her into auditions and to land some roles, and that’s what happened. She was given a chance to try it out when she was little, and she really did enjoy it.

6. She’s Having a Hard Time

Something that she is struggling with a lot in the past year is that she’s unable to spend any time with her son. He is only a child who turned 5 in 2020, but because she was shooting, she spent months isolated from him. She went home every single night to their family home, but she was too terrified to go near her family. She took an immediate shower, locked herself in her own room, and isolated herself from her family. What a terrible way to live, and what a tragic thing for a child of only 5 to have to go through. His mother being unable to touch him or come out of an isolated, locked room for months on end because of her job and the fear of a virus? Our hearts break for this child deprived of his mother at an age when he needs her most.

7. Her Son Thinks She Has Another Family

Because she is too afraid of the coronavirus to even be near her son and she is away from him so much so she can film her show, he gets to watch her on the television. When he sees her there but not at home, and he sees her television kids calling her mom, he feels she has a new family of her own and it breaks his heart she spends more time with them than with him.

8. She Works Hard

It’s obvious she prioritizes her work and her career. She is well-known for turning her back on holidays and things like such so that she can focus on her work, which tells the world how dedicated she is to her craft. That, combined with the fact that she has isolated herself from her family for the better part of months at a time so that she can work speak very much to how hard she works.

9. She’s Private

She has nearly half a million followers on Instagram alone, but she doesn’t share too much. Fans eagerly await her posts hoping that they might catch a glimpse into her personal life when she chooses to share.

10. She’s Overwhelmed By Fans

She’s been doing a lot of work in the past year or so, and she’s been very overwhelmed by her fans and their love of what she’s been doing. She is thankful to them, and she is overwhelmed just how big her work has become, and how much people love what she’s been working on.

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