Rumors That Apple Will Buy Disney are Swirling Again

Rumors That Apple Will Buy Disney are Swirling Again

If this was a boxing match then Apple is looking more and more like an aged and ring-wise Ali to Disney’s overpowering Foreman. All boxing analogies aside, this would mean that since Disney is being hit by bombs at the moment thanks to the coronavirus it almost feels as though it could be bought out by a titan such as Apple. As Ryan Scott of MovieWeb appears to state, the rival company hasn’t been hit nearly as hard and doesn’t stand to lose nearly as much thanks to the fact that Disney’s studio productions and theme parks are bleeding profits at this point and won’t be able to recoup every last dollar until the virus is contained. Even then one has to assume that people won’t have the kind of funds they need to flood back into the parks or spend the same kind of money on Disney and their various products as they did before the virus. Many people are out of work at this time, which only contributes to the need to save money rather than spend it on a Disney+ subscription or that yearly trip to Disneyland or Disneyworld. Obviously that’s a small concern of the Mouse House since the biggest amount of damage is coming from not being able to release movies to the box office and for some reason not choosing to stream them immediately if they’re finished. It’s all about the money after all, and pushing everything to streaming isn’t going to be the balm that the company needs in the long run since unless they up the price of a subscription, which would be a bad idea indeed, they’re going to keep losing money as the magic kingdom continues to operate on limited time until that funding finally runs out.

Whether or not it will come to that is something that many people are willing to comment on since few people want to admit that Disney could in fact be bought out even after losing about a third of its value as the stock market has been crashing hard. People losing faith in the Mouse House isn’t too surprising since without the capacity to keep earning, the stocks that so many have bought are likely to keep going down and not be worth much eventually since unless Disney finds a way to stop or at least mitigate the damage. Whether this happens or not, it’s kind of hard to say that Apple will keep their distance when they have the clout and the cash to put the Mouse House on the auction block with intent to buy. One has to wonder, would Disney even consider this as a good move? It wouldn’t exactly allow them to keep moving, and it might even become a serious problem for Apple if things don’t improve in the days to come, but if the merger did happen, and things started to look up, then Apple would have pulled off one of the biggest legal heists of the century no doubt. Leo Sun of The Motley Fool has more to say about this matter.

Disney has after all been seen as a growing titan in the entertainment industry after its acquisition of Lucasfilm and Fox, and has been on a roll as of last year since it reached the $10 billion mark and kept going. To see it laid low at this point is actually satisfying for some in a very vindictive way, but it’s also worrying for others since Disney has been an American institution for so long that trying to think that it might not recover from this hit for a while is hard for some to believe. As for Apple taking over, it would be a massive feather in their cap and a chance to once again dominate the business world in a way that would make it clear that they are without a doubt one of the biggest superpowers in the world when it comes to entertainment. That sounds a bit ominous, doesn’t it? Well think of how it sounded when Disney started taking over other studios and then magnify that feeling, since being bought out by Apple would effectively collar the Mouse House and its continued expansion. In a big way this sounds kind of negative to even consider, but it’s also a little realistic since the growth that Disney has been experiencing might still be allowed if Apple were to take over, but one can easily assume that things would change in a big way, and Disney wouldn’t be quite the same if the takeover did happen.

At the moment it’s not much of a thought that it will happen since it’s a lot of conjecture, but thinking that it’s not possible in the least is a mistake since in the respective worlds of business and entertainment, which coincide with each other quite often, just about anything is possible.

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