10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rosie Cavaliero

Anyone who has followed Rosie Cavaliero’s career over the years will probably agree that she hasn’t gotten nearly as much credit as she deserves. Not only is she talented, but her versatility has allowed her to be part of a wide variety of projects. Whether she has a starring role or is just making a minor appearance, you can trust that Rosie is going to put on an incredible show. Not only have the last few years been awesome for her, but the next few are shaping up to be even better. She has some cool things in the works and her fans are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for her. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Rosie Cavaliero.

1. She Was Born in Brazil

England is the country that most people think of when Rosie comes to mind. However, many people will be surprised to know that she was actually born in Brazil. Her family left Brazil for Italy when Rosie was young before eventually settling down in England.

2. She’s Not Into Social Media

Social media has become the first place that people go when they want to know what someone is up to. However, those wanting to know more about Rosie won’t have much luck in that department. From what we can tell, she doesn’t have any official social media profiles.

3. She’s Worked on Video Games

Remember when I said Rosie was versatile? I wasn’t joking. Not only has she done lots of different things on the live-action front, but she has also proven to be quite the talented voice actress. Over the years, she has lent her voice to a few video games including Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Rosie has also done a lot of radio work.

4. She Has Over 100 Acting Credits

If you take one look at Rosie’s acting resume, you’ll probably be blown away by the sheer amount of work she’s done over the years. According to her IMDB page, Rosie has 105 acting credits. This includes voice roles as well as two projects that have not yet been released.

5. Nuts in May Is Her Favorite Movie

Rosie isn’t just an actress, she’s also a fan of other people’s work. During an interview with The Guardian, Rosie said, “My absolute number one film is Nuts In May and that was a Play For Today. It was such a revolutionary style, Mike Leigh’s. I remember laughing my head off but also thinking the form of acting was so different from anything I’d seen.”

6. She Was in Her 40s the First Time She Played a Grandma On-Screen

When most people think of a grandparent, they immediately envision an elderly person. However, the first time Rosie played a grandparent on screen, she wasn’t even in her 50s. IMDB notes that she was only 48 years old when she first played a grandmother in 2012.

7. She Has a Cool Idea For a TV Show

Rosie doesn’t have any screenwriting or directing experience yet, but that may not always be the case. When asked if she had an idea for a TV show, Rosie told The Guardian, “I’d like to see a comedy show similar in its honesty to Lena Dunham’s Girls, but about older British women, women in their 50s. It would star Imelda Staunton, Vicki Pepperdine, Jo Scanlan, Julia Davis, Alison Steadman and lots more. They wouldn’t have to necessarily be really famous to appear in it, just really good actors.”

8. People Love Her Feet

Lots of people are totally creeped out by the thought of someone’s feet. However, there are also lots of people that really love feet and there is a special place on the internet for them. Rosie’s feet have a nearly four-star rating on an online database of celebrity feet called Wikifeet.

9. She Likes Her Privacy

Privacy is a hard thing to come by for people who work in the entertainment industry. However, its’ something that Rosie has been able to maintain over the years. In addition to not being on social media, she has never really shared much information about her life outside of acting. Deciding to take a more private approach has probably allowed her to avoid lots of drama over the years.

10. Family Is Important to Her

Despite the fact that we don’t know much about Rosie’s personal life, we do know that she comes from a close-knit family and she has maintained those bonds into adulthood. As far as we know, she has just one sibling (a sister) who operates an art gallery in England.

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