10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rose Matafeo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rose Matafeo

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rose Matafeo

Rose Matafeo is one of those actresses who always makes a role memorable. No matter where you’ve seen her or what you’ve seen her in, she’s done a job unlike any other. She’s magnificent, and her talent shows in so many ways. She’s been in the business for well over a decade now, and she continues to take on roles that challenge her and allow her to grow as an actress. Her fan base continues to grow with her, and she’s making all her dreams come true. She’s a superstar, and everyone should get to know as much about her as possible.

1. She is Young

She’s not yet 30. Rose Matafeo was born on February 25, 1992. She celebrated her last birthday in her 20s at the beginning of 2021, and we imagine she is excited for her quickly approaching 30th. It really is the best decade.

2. She’s From New Zealand

She was born and raised in New Zealand. She’s from Auckland, and she loves her life there. Her family was very laid back and chill. They are Rastafarians, and she did not have a strict or overbearing childhood because of that. She grew up with her mom, her dad, and her two brothers. She is the only daughter, and she is the baby of the family.

3. She Went to an All-Girls’ School

The one thing that sounds interesting about her childhood is that she attended a school only for girls. She went to the Auckland Girls’ Grammar School, and she did well there. She was the head girl of her class, which is quite an accomplishment. It also gives us very Harry Potter head girl/head boy vibes.

4. She Started Doing Comedy at 15

Since she was 15, she’s been heavily interested in her comedy. She’s been working on it for some time, and she rather enjoys it. She was part of a program called the Class Comedians, which was a program sponsored by the New Zealand Comedy Trust. She spent a while working with this, it’s helped her grow in her own comedy.

5. She’s Living in London

Her life in London is only part-time, however. She travels so much for work and also splits her time between two homes, but she does spend a significant amount of time at her London flat. She once shared a home with her ex-boyfriend of three years and had a few celebrity friends as neighbors, but things did not work out with them.

6. She’s Slightly Obsessive

She is an obsessive personality – we relate – and one thing that she notices about herself is that she cannot stop with what obsesses her at the moment. She is going to spend her life focused on things that are interesting to her, but they don’t just hold interest. They hold an obsessive feeling for her that brings her to life.

7. She Relates to Bridget Jones

Rose always felt that she related heavily to Bridget Jones. The movie was not a new one (well, the first was not a new one) when she began watching them as a teen living in New Zealand. She was a teenage girl watching a woman in her 30s living in a different country dealing with life things that did not pertain to her at all, yet she felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity with her, and it brought her so much. She still feels as if they relate.

8. She Enjoys Being in London

While she does go home and spend a lot of time living with her Nan, she is happy in London. It’s big and there are so many opportunities for her there. She feels that New Zealand is just so small, so she enjoys her time there but is not in a hurry to head back and live there full-time at the moment.

9. She is Secretly Impressed with Celebrities

But, she’s not going to show them she is. It’s a New Zealand thing. They love a good celebrity, and they are secretly impressed and excited to see one when they are out and about, but they refuse to show their excitement and their fanfare. We get it. It’s the same thing here.

10. She Values Her Privacy

While Rose is still a young woman with an active social life, she’s also someone who knows the value of not sharing everything she does with the rest of the world. She keeps to herself. She does things that are more private for her, and she doesn’t overshare with everyone else. It’s a nice feeling for her.

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