10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rodney Foster

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rodney Foster

Since its debut in the summer of 2019, Lifetime’s Marrying Millions has become millions of people’s guilty pleasure. The show has all of the components that a juicy reality TV show needs, and people just can’t get enough. Now that the second season is officially underway, there is already one cast member who lots of viewers have questions about: Rodney Foster. Rodney, who has made millions of dollars since starting his own wine company, has been dating a woman named Desiry. However, Rodney and Desiry’s relationship has quite a few red flags and viewers believe that another one may be Rodney’s sexuality.Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Rodney Foster.

1. He Started A Media Group

Rodney has been in the wine business for nearly a decade and he has recently decided to branch out and expand his brand. He started a media company called The Foster Media group. However, he hasn’t specifically explained what he plans to do with the company.

2. Rodney Is A Very Private Person

If there’s one thing viewers are already starting to learn about Rodney it’s that he likes to keep his business to himself. Even though he’s been in a relationship with Desiry for the last few years, he hasn’t told anyone in his life about her. His secrecy only helps fuel the rumors about his sexuality, but the reality could be that he just likes to keep things to himself.

3. He Loves To Motivate Others

Rodney is very proud of the things he’s accomplished as a business owner and he enjoys encouraging others to get out there and go after their dreams. His Instagram feed is full of positive and inspirational quotes that are all about lifting people up and making the most out of life.

4. He’s Worked With Lots Of Celebrities

You may have never heard of Rodney’s wine brand before, but lots of other people have. Over the years, he’s patterned with several celebrities including Steve Harvey. He even supplied red and white wine at the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Charity Golf Tournament in 2016.

5. He Auditioned For Shark Tank

Like any other successful business person, Rodney is always looking to grow his company. At one point, he auditioned for a spot in the popular entrepreneurial show, Shark Tank. Even though he didn’t actually get the chance to appear on an episode, he was very grateful for the opportunity.

6. His Wine Brand Is Very Unique

There are lots of wine brands on the market and you may be wondering what sets Rodney’s Edelheiss brand apart from the others. According to his LinkedIn page, “Edelheiss Wine is a very unique wine, the traditional way is to enjoy it warmed up however my U.S. customer base prefer to to drink it room temperature.” Additionally, it “is a premium 100% organic wine containing all natural ingredients such as natural red wine, cinnamon, and other natural organic mixed spices.”

7. He Came Up With The Idea For His Business While On Vacation

Getting into the wine business is something that happened to Rodney almost by accident. Almost 10 years ago, he went on vacation to Switzerland where a friend recommended that he try a popular local wine that is served warm. After trying the wine, Rodney became intrigued and decided that he wanted to make his own brand.

8. His Wine Is Sold In Costco

One of the reasons Edelheiss Wine has become so successful is because Rodney has never given up. Since deciding to start the company, he has always done everything in his power to make sure that it does well. After years of meeting with executives at the popular wholesale club, Costco, Rodney was finally able to get his wine on the shelves in 2016.

9. His Wine Was In The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

If you’re a fan of RHOA, you may recall seeing a bottle of Edelheiss Wine in one of the episodes. Having the wine in an episode wasn’t product placement or something that Rodney even knew about beforehand. As you can imagine, he was very excited when he learned that his brand had been seen on the show.

10. He Believes In Supporting Black Owned Businesses

As a black owned business owner, Rodney know all too well how difficult it can be to compete against the much larger brands. He is a firm believer in supporting black owned businesses and believes that it’s important to educate the black community on the fact that many black owned business offer the same level of quality as big name brands.

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